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A six-figure return on a sample: How bioactive composites boosted production while improving treatment outcomes

Discover how bioactive composites can transform your practice with improved clinical outcomes and increased efficiency. Join Dr. Brittany Bergeron as she shares her success story...
DE Solutions Lab

How Much Should a General Dentist Produce Per Day?

Discover the key to optimizing productivity in your dental practice. Watch now to explore how to determine your ideal daily production, identify inefficiencies, and sustainably...
DE Solutions Lab

DSO Confidential: Dentists Are Cashing In

Unlock the secrets of DSO success in 2024! Join Dental Economics and TUSK Practice Sales for an exclusive look into the latest trends, valuations, and strategies shaping the dental...
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How to lose PPOs without losing patients

Ready to transition away from PPOs without losing patients? Watch this DE Solutions Lab now to explore strategies for implementing a high-performing dental membership plan and...
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Decision time: Should you stay in-network with PPOs?

Ready to decide the fate of your dental practice? Join us for this eye-opening Solutions Lab as we unravel the true impact of PPOs.
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Industry consolidation: Should you ride out the wave or sell your practice?

Navigate the dental industry's consolidation wave with experts unveiling transition options, practice preparedness, and the post-consolidation landscape. Watch this DE Solutions...
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From hunted to hunter: What they don’t tell you about DSOs

Unlock the hidden truths about DSO valuations and offers! Dive into this on-demand DE Solutions Lab to uncover invaluable insights and strategies essential for maximizing your...
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Taking on chairside indirect restorative success with the DINKs…

Watch this on-demand DE Solutions Lab for a discussion on chairside indirect restorative success, with a special focus on cementation. Three doctors share their insights, making...
Dentist Communication
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How to drive engagement across the patient spectrum

Watch this on-demand DE Solutions Lab to discover how tailored communication, automated marketing, and targeted strategies can elevate patient relationships and drive success ...
Dentists Financials
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Dentistry is changing! Working harder and taking home less

Embrace the evolution of dentistry's economic landscape! Tune in to this on-demand DE Solutions Lab to learn how to stay ahead of the curve with strategies for financial stability...
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Give Your Patients NO Reasons to NO-Show: Mastering Modern Patient Communication and Engagement

Elevate your dental practice with advanced patient engagement techniques! Watch this DE Solutions Lab to streamline communication, reduce no-shows, and enhance patient satisfaction...
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Slow Your Roll: New Restorative Guidelines Favor Conservative Tooth Preparation

Master conservative tooth preparation with the latest ADA guidelines in this DE Solutions Lab. Watch today for a deep dive into evidence-based practices and materials for restorative...
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November 10th Webinar: 3 Biggest Mistakes in Selling to A DSO

Nov. 11, 2022
This event was originally held on November 10, 2022 and is now available for on demand viewing.Sponsor: TUSK Partners Duration: 1 HourRegister Today! Already registered? Please...
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October 18th Webinar: Single-shade composite systems- Can one composite really do it all?

Oct. 18, 2022
This event was originally held on October 18, 2022 and is now available for on demand viewing.Sponsor: Kulzer, LLC Duration: 1 HourRegister Today!Already registered? Please click...

November 16th Webinar: Making Your Spend Count: Powering Profits through Better Procurement

Nov. 16, 2020
This webinar was originally broadcast on November 16, 2020It is now available for on-demand viewing!Register here!Earn 1 CEU CreditDental practices face many challenges when it...