Don’t blink: How to make payments + collections fast and painless

April 13, 2022
The pandemic has changed the way people pay for things, even in health care. Here's how you can capitalize—pun intended—on this moment.

One of the easiest ways to increase your case acceptance is to overcome patients’ concerns about costs. Join us for this on-demand event with Dr. Ryan Hungate, an orthodontist and the founder of Simplifeye, to learn how to make it easier for patients to pay you, how smartphones and the pandemic have changed the way people pay for services, and techniques to use to overcome common objectives from team members. Dr. Hungate is one of the country’s leading experts on the intersection of dentistry and technology and draws upon his years of experience at Apple where he designed global retail workflows. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Three immediate ways you can make it easier for patients to pay you
  • How smartphones have changed the way people shop and pay for services
  • How the pandemic increased the adoption of mobile wallets, mobile payments, and other behavior that has now become mainstream - and what that means for healthcare
  • How to overcome common objections from team members such as “our patient base is older and doesn’t use technology” and other change-management techniques

Your Presenters

Ryan Hungate, DDS, MS

Dr. Hungate is a practicing orthodontist and the founder & CEO of Simplifeye, a company focused on streamlining processes to increase patients and revenue while decreasing overhead. He graduated from the orthodontic specialty program at USC, and prior to that he worked Apple’s headquarters helping design the customer workflow adopted by Apple's retail stores globally.

Moderator: Pam Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, FACP, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

Dr. Maragliano-Muniz owns a private practice, Salem Dental Arts, and lectures on a variety of clinical topics.

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