Scaling up Productivity

Jan 19th, 2007
The appropriate selection and adoption of new technologies has been shown to offer clinicians the ability to increase productivity and production, thereby helping to meet the financial objectives of the dental office. At the same time, such technologies should offer equal or improved clinical outcomes, patient comfort, and ease of use.

Increasing productivity can be achieved by various technologies. The use of locally applied noninjectable anesthetic gel reduces the time required for procedures and can reduce the number of visits required to complete treatment; a second example of technology that operates through these two mechanisms is the endodontic rotary NiTi file. In addition to these two mechanisms, the noninjectable anesthetic gel enables complete delegation of a step in a procedure - all three mechanisms enable increases in productivity and profitability for the office.

Further important considerations in the selection of new technology include patient preference and comfort, and the likelihood of treatment being accepted and completed - which in combination can result in improved clinical outcomes, enabling clinicians to meet both clinical and financial objectives.

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