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    The latest white papers from Dental Economics
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    Download: The 2023 Dental Economics Fee and Staffing Survey

    Download the full data report from this year's survey on dental fees and dental staff salaries, including exclusive charts and data.
    Dental Composites
    DE Solutions Lab

    Would You Put it in Your Mouth? Are All Composites and Adhesives Exactly the Same?

    Aug. 8, 2023
    Dive into the versatile world of universal adhesives! View this on-demand DE Solutions Lab to learn from experts about tooth-like restoratives taking over biomimetic dentistry...
    Dental Practice Image
    DE Solutions Lab

    I didn’t go to dental school to be a CEO

    Aug. 1, 2023
    Take control of your dental practice's growth! Watch this on-demand DE Solutions Lab to learn key metrics, team alignment strategies, and success essentials for a thriving practice...
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    Associate Agreements in Dentistry

    Your guide to associate employment agreements in dentistry

    Navigating these complex documents can be confusing for both practice owners and associates. Learn more about the essential provisions you need to know, with expert tips, to make...
    DE Solutions Lab

    The Dental Practice Purchase: From Fear Factor to Fearless

    June 23, 2023
    Do you want to unlock the secrets of successful practice acquisition and maximize your financial opportunities in dentistry? Watch this DE Solutions Lab and discover the blueprint...
    Reg Image
    DE Solutions Lab

    Realign your expectations: A clear aligner strategy for more revenue, happier staff, and better oral health

    May 25, 2023
    Discover powerful insights from industry experts as they delve into the key elements of an effective clear aligner strategy by tackling rising costs, staff challenges, and patient...
    DE Solutions Lab

    The current climate of negotiating fees with insurance plans

    May 4, 2023
    Want to learn more about the current trends in dental insurance fee negotiations? Tune in to this Veritas Dental Resources-sponsored DE Solutions Lab.
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    Cloud Based
    DE Solutions Lab

    Your roadmap to the cloud: Transforming your practice with modern technology

    April 4, 2023
    What can cloud-based technology do for you? Find out from these doctors and experts who have realized the cloud's many benefits in the latest DE Solutions Lab.
    DE Solutions Lab

    The 3-Day Crown Revolution

    Feb. 28, 2023
    Nearly all dentists were taught to cement crowns two weeks after prepping; however, there is no scientific or clinical rationale for this. Ten years ago, the presenter switched...
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    DE Solutions Lab

    What a sticky mess: Avoiding confusion upon cementation!

    Feb. 13, 2023
    With so many choices, does chaos ensue when deciding to lute or bond a restoration? Is there a better way to understand and ensure long-term success for restorations? This Solutions...
    Classifying workers in dentistry
    Human Resources

    Independent contractor vs. employee: Classifying workers correctly

    It’s one of tax laws dental practices abuse the most, and it’s more tempting than ever with staff costs on the rise. Here’s how to know if you’re doing employee classification...
    White Papers

    Investing in Your Practice amid Economic Uncertainty

    Dec. 21, 2022
    Doug Fettig, CPA and Sathish Palayam, DDS explore how investing in innovative technology can spur practice growth, particularly during times of economic uncertainty. From taking...
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    DE Solutions Lab

    Affordable patient financing: Reality or BS?

    Dec. 8, 2022
    In this on-demand Solutions Lab, learn how to talk about financing so that every patient can get the care they need, while reducing no-shows and increasing your bottom line.
    DE Solutions Lab

    Two Tech Partners Disrupting How Dentists Do Business

    Nov. 28, 2022
    The growing need for more flexible patient coverage and financing options is driven by three main factors Practices dropping insurance due to decreasing reimbursement rates An...
    DE Solutions Lab

    Invisible Composite Restorations: Mastering shade matching with a Simplified System

    Nov. 28, 2022
    Learn how G-ænial™ A’CHORD can help simplify shade matching while providing superb performance and esthetics, in both posterior and anterior regions, for lesions large and small...