Not just for superstars: You too can be a top 10% dental practice

Oct. 30, 2023
Most dentists in the top 10% had no intention of becoming a “top” practice. But with focus, determination, and a vision, qualities shared by most dentists, they found themselves above the rest.

The team at Levin Group spent 30 years observing, interviewing, and analyzing dental practices from coast to coast to learn: What sets the top 10% of dental practices apart from the rest? For starters, they aren't run by "superstar" dentists.

What they found out became a three-part series of articles in Dental Economics written by Dr. Roger Levin, in which he shares the insights from the Levin Group findings.

“We felt it was important to understand what makes top practices successful and distill this information into practice management categories that would allow other practices to improve performance,” Dr. Levin wrote in Part 1 of the series. “We were able to identify commonalities and determine which strategic approaches would help increase production for almost any practice across the board.” 

Mission statements, core values, communication strategies, office management, on-point staffing, strategic planning, and much more all play a role. But exactly how does a practice integrate all this successfully to move into the top 10%?

Find out in this gallery of takeaways from the Levin Group’s thorough observations of hundreds of dental practices. Hopefully this will guide you to build your own top-notch dental practice.  

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