8 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Digital Radiography System

Nov 19th, 2008
The pressure is on. You know you will be getting a digital radiography system, but have been putting it off for a few reasons. The "it costs too much" attitude has been dispelled numerous times (see chart below). An office using traditional radiographs has annual costs including the raw cost of film, fixer, developer, disposal, mounts, maintenance, time, copying, inefficiency and even space that can be calculated. These are ongoing costs while the purchase of digital radiography is front loaded (although all systems can be budgeted over time) and actually lessen over time. There are also complaints of "expensive" annual maintenance fees, but again you have to do the math to see what you are actually paying now. If you are looking for hard ROI numbers, they can be shown to work; however by waiting any longer, you are losing the current use of the technology. The intangibles are in better diagnosis as well as patient presentation. Also, there is a federal mandate that requires all medical records become digital by 2015.
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