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Adopting a new standard: How dental warranties can shape the future of oral health care

May 2, 2024
Adopt a new standard in dental care with procedure warranties. Find out how this simple concept can dramatically benefit your patients and your practice.
Max Zanan, Cofounder of the Dental Protection Group

In our daily lives, warranties are not just common; they’re expected. From the moment we drive a new car off the lot to the day we watch our favorite show on a brand-new television, warranties reassure us that our investments are protected. These guarantees are so pivotal that entire marketing campaigns, like those of Kia and Hyundai with their 10-year/100,000-mile warranties, rely on them to draw in consumers.

Yet, the warranty phenomenon is notably absent when it comes to dental care. This service can often carry the same financial weight as a major household appliance or even a vehicle. The omission of warranties in dentistry is surprising, given the significant costs associated with dental procedures and the profound impact dental health has on overall well-being.

The current dental care system is inefficient

It’s true that many dentists, in a show of goodwill, may offer to redo dental work at no additional charge if complications arise within the first year. However, this informal practice lacks consistency and reliability, especially as time extends beyond this initial period.

The challenges increase if a patient relocates, the dental practice changes hands, or the patient cannot return due to unforeseen circumstances. This gap in patient care underscores a pressing need for a more structured approach to ensuring the longevity and quality of dental treatments.

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Your patients seek security

From the patient’s viewpoint, the absence of a formal dental warranty can significantly impact their confidence in dental care. This lack of assurance may lead to hesitation when considering complex or costly procedures. This is counterproductive since dental health is not just about esthetics; it’s crucial for general health and wellness.

Dental warranties can offer patients peace of mind and financial security, ensuring they are not left in a precarious situation should their procedures not stand the test of time. Imagine the comfort of knowing that your investment in dental health is protected. Wouldn’t you prefer a dental practice that offers warranties on their work, providing a clear testament to their confidence in the longevity and quality of their treatments?

Warranties can improve the patient experience

Imagine a dental warranty akin to a bumper-to-bumper guarantee for your car, but for your teeth. This innovative concept means that any dental procedure you undergo is fully covered from start to finish, without hidden costs, copays, or deductibles. Whether it’s a routine filling or a more complex root canal, this warranty ensures that your investment in dental health is protected for the length of the warranty.

Such comprehensive coverage gives patients an unparalleled financial security and peace of mind, knowing that their dental well-being is fully supported, no matter what unexpected issues may arise. This is the promise of a dental warranty—a safeguard for your patient’s smile and wallet.

Benefits of warranties for dental practices

Putting yourself in your patient’s shoes is helpful, but you’re running a business. The best part about dental warranties is that they also offer a host of benefits to dental practices.

Competitive advantage: Dental practices offering warranties on their procedures instantly stand out in a competitive market. This unique selling point highlights their confidence in the quality of their work and positions them as patient focused. Guaranteeing dental services for up to five years allows practices to build effective marketing campaigns that resonate with patients looking for reliable dental care. In essence, it sets them apart from competitors who do not offer a warranty.

Patient retention: The introduction of dental warranties significantly boosts patient retention. To keep their warranty valid, patients should return for regular checkups every six months. This consistent engagement helps cultivate a stronger relationship between the patient and the practice while ensuring ongoing dental health monitoring and better long-term outcomes.

Increased treatment acceptance: When faced with the prospect of dental work, patients might hesitate, especially regarding more invasive or expensive procedures. Dental warranties ease these concerns by covering the treatment for an extended period, making patients more inclined to consent to necessary care. Knowing their investment is protected for years can significantly influence their decision-making.

Reduction in negative feedback: Dental warranties can increase patient satisfaction by providing a safety net for the cost of procedures. If issues arise, patients can have the work redone without additional charges, reducing the likelihood of negative online reviews. This assurance of quality and accountability can bolster the practice’s reputation through social proof.

Lower peer review incidences: Offering a dental warranty decreases the chance of disputes that escalate to formal complaints or peer review cases. Patients feel more secure and are less likely to pursue formal grievances when they know their concerns can be addressed and remedied under the terms of the warranty.

Additional revenue streams for generational wealth: The financial model behind dental warranties allows new revenue streams to develop. Charging a reasonable fee for the warranty (calculated as a percentage of the treatment cost) not only covers potential claims but can generate underwriting profits. After claims and administrative expenses, these profits can be shared with the practice, providing additional income while enhancing patient care.

How to implement a dental warranty

Implementing dental warranties requires thoughtful planning and clear communication, but it’s a simple process.

  • First, determine the scope of coverage. This includes which dental procedures are eligible and the duration of the warranty. Setting a clear framework helps manage patient expectations and ensures consistency.
  • Next, consider the cost structure. The fee for the warranty should reflect the value it provides, balanced against the need to cover potential claims. Pricing can be a percentage of the treatment cost, making it affordable and sustainable for the practice.
  • Finally, understand that effective communication is crucial. Educate your team on the benefits and terms of the warranty so they can confidently discuss it with patients. Clear, transparent communication about exactly what the warranty covers will build trust and encourage acceptance among patients seeking reassurance for their dental investments.

Dental warranties are a win-win

Adopting dental warranties is a win-win scenario for both patients and dental practices. Patients receive the peace of mind that comes with protected investments, and practices benefit from increased patient trust, retention, and satisfaction.

Introducing warranties into dental care signifies a progressive step aligning with customer service standards seen in other industries. This move enhances the patient experience and can set a practice apart, marking it as a leader in innovative patient care. 

Editor's note: This article appeared in the May 2024 print edition of Dental Economics magazine. Dentists in North America are eligible for a complimentary print subscription. Sign up here.

Max Zanan, cofounder of The Dental Protection Group, leads the charge in revolutionizing dental care by offering comprehensive dental procedure warranties. His innovative approach provides patients peace of mind and benefits dental practices through profit sharing. Max's commitment to enhancing dental services reflects his dedication to improving patient care and supporting the dental community, positioning his company as a key player in the industry's future. Contact him at

About the Author

Max Zanan | Cofounder of the Dental Protection Group

Max Zanan, cofounder of the Dental Protection Group, leads the charge in revolutionizing dental care by offering comprehensive dental procedure warranties. His innovative approach provides patients peace of mind and benefits dental practices through profit sharing. Max’s commitment to enhancing dental services reflects his dedication to improving patient care and supporting the dental community, positioning his company as a key player in the industry’s future. Contact him at

Updated April 4, 2024

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