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Product spotlight: Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser by Ultradent

Feb. 8, 2017
As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter new products feature, Dr. Simmons interviews the Ultradent team about their new diode laser.
As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter new products feature, Dr. Simmons interviews the Ultradent team about their new diode laser
Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser
Midwinter booth No.: 4800
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Interview with the Ultradent team
What is the Gemini laser and how does it work?

The Gemini is a soft tissue diode laser. It is the perfect soft tissue tool. It vaporizes tissue with an impressive 20 watts of peak power which to the clinician means faster and cleaner cutting.

What differentiates it from other lasers/light cures?

The Gemini stands apart from the rest of diode lasers on a few important factors. It boasts the most power (at 20 watts), but also uses the technology of super pulsing so the laser is actually off more than it's on. This thermal cooling of the tissue prevents charging, but also provides a cleaner cut. The Gemini is also the first to offer two wavelengths. Until now, a clinician had to choose a specific wavelength (810, 940, or 980), but the Gemini is both 810 and 980. No more debating which wavelength is better for each procedure.

Is it easy to use?

Gemini is super easy to use, as it comes with 19 preset procedures. Turn on the unit, select a wavelength and procedure, and go to work.

What is the cost comparison between the Gemini and other devices?

The Gemini is priced at $6,995, which is in line with diode lasers of its power and utility.

Why should a general dentist invest in this product?

Dentists say troughing alone is worth the investment of a laser. Not only will you do this well, but multiple other procedures over and over again: frenectomies, gingivenctomies, no blood or sutures, less anesthesia, patient comfort with predictable healing, etc. Your soft tissue work will be transformed by a product so perfect and tailored.

More products from Ultradent
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The Valo Grand curing light is Ultradent's newest member of its curing light family. It features all the benefits of the Valo light, but with a larger head size and a 50% bigger lens measuring 12 mm. The Valo Grand also comes with a back activation button for ease of use. The highly efficient broadband LEDs (395 nm–480 nm) keep the wand body cool to the touch. The Valo Grand boasts unibody construction, precision-milled from a single bar of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. Its ergonomic shape allows for extreme durability and easy access to all restoration sites.


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