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  • Volume 114, Issue 06 (June 2024)
  • Volume 114, Issue 06 (June 2024)

    Human Resources

    How to create an effective compensation system in your dental practice

    June 13, 2024
    Taking the time to develop a compensation system will make it much easier to approach the topic for everone on the team. Here's how to get there.
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    Human Resources

    Important developments for noncompete agreements

    Noncompete agreements may be a thing of the past within the next few months. Or will they? Learn the ins and outs of what's happening with the new FTC ruling.
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    Patient Communication and Patient Financing

    Enhancing patient payment options: A win-win for practice profitability and patient well-being

    June 11, 2024
    Most patients want to receive treatment as much as dentists want to provide it, but finances may get in the way. Here's how to help patients and gain their loyalty to your practice...
    Multi-Practice Growth

    Owning multiple practice locations: It’s more attainable than you may think

    Even when business is thriving, it can be daunting to consider the logical next step—expanding your practice to multiple locations. At one point, this dentist was in those shoes...
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: GrandioSO composite by Voco, iTero Lumina intraoral scanner by Align Technology, and Metal Scanbodies by Straumann

    In this month’s Pearls for Your Practice, Dr. Joshua Austin reviews a composite, an intraoral scanner, and metal implant scanbodies.

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    Science & Tech

    Biomimetic/bioactive direct placement tooth restoration of premolars having preeruptive subenamel caries

    The presence of caries lesions in unerupted teeth is rare but not unique. What is different in this case is the careful observation of the affected teeth, both pre-and posteruption...
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    Human Resources

    Performance reviews suck. (But they don't have to.)

    Most people don't enjoy performance reviews, but when handled correctly, they can be a valuable tool to develop employees and increase practice success.
    Science & Tech

    Improving the life cycle of teeth

    Can revenue-producing preventive procedures can be emphasized in dentistry? Dr. Gordon Christensen traces the various stages of prevention and treatment, and the products and ...
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    A closer look at common valuation approaches: Market-based approach

    When it’s time to value your practice, you want to make sure that number is accurate. The authors review the market-based approach, a method that analyzes the metrics of comparable...
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    Cultivating an ownership mentality in associate dentists

    It can be challenging to find an associate dentist who treats the practice as if it were their own. Instilling this ownership mentality in an associate requires intentional efforts...
    Science & Tech

    Interview with Dr. Lori Trost: The most impactful technologies for the restorative dental practice

    Dr. Joshua Austin interviews Dr. Lori Trost, a restorative dentist in Red Bud, Illinois, about technological innovations that are most vital to her dental practice.
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    Keys to maximizing your EBITDA and dental practice valuation

    EBITDA is the primary factor that influences practice value from the perspective of DSO and private equity buyers. Here are some ways you can increase revenue and control your...