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  • Volume 113, Issue 12 (December 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 12 (December 2023)

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    Science & Tech

    Why high-performance cars and busy dental practices both need efficient reporting systems

    Dec. 31, 2023
    In our dental practices, we're expected to remember every detail about our equipment. Learn about a system that can act as a dental office's "equipment expert."
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    2023 market recap and trends to watch for in 2024

    Industry expert Ryan Mingus has four M&A market trends to watch for in 2024.
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    Thrust, drag, lift, weight: What powered flight teaches us about running a dental practice

    Dec. 28, 2023
    How do you operate a dental practice with balance, stability, and joy? Start with the four principles of powered flight as they relate to patient care, reliable operations, clinical...
    Science & Tech

    Solving zirconia occlusion challenges

    Dr. Gordon Christensen suggests ways to reduce challenges with occlusion when working with zirconia crowns. He also outlines a simple method you can use to finish and polish zirconia...
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    Science & Tech

    Antibiotics, dental procedures, and prosthetic joints: Time to look at the evidence

    Dec. 22, 2023
    Long-held practice patterns are hard to change, but the latest evidence regarding antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with prosthetic joints suggests that AP is not only unnecessary...

    More content from Volume 113, Issue 12 (December 2023)

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    Fighting insurance companies: Are you a weakling or a warrior?

    Dentists have a history of giving insurance companies too much control, but it doesn't have to be this way.
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    Welcome to the DSO smoke and mirror show

    Dec. 20, 2023
    When making you an offer, DSOs will pull out all the stops. But how do you know it's real, not just smoke and mirrors?
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    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! Autoscaler Ultrasonic Insert, SilverPlug, OraSoothe Rinse and SockIt Gel

    In this bimonthly column, Dr. Howard Glazer reviews three dental products on the market today.

    Reflections, holiday considerations, and goals for the new year

    Chief Editor Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, shares her thoughts on the December 2023 issue of Dental Economics magazine.
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    Dental Service Organizations

    Changes impacting large dental practices in 2024: High interest rates can be both good and bad

    There's a lot of activity in the IDSO realm. Here are some things to watch for and to prepare if you want to become a part of it.
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    Practice Building 101: The worst thing versus the best things for dentists and patients

    Dec. 19, 2023
    You'll make mistakes, and you'll have bad days. There are ways to improve from those missteps and make them the best things for you and your practice.
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Curie Plus by Ackuretta

    The Curie Plus by Ackuretta takes us steps closer to the full integration of 3D printing into dental practices. Learn how.
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    Practice Production Prioritized: One simple technique to increase case acceptance

    Industry expert Roger P. Levin, DDS, shares one simple, easy-to-adopt technique for increasing case acceptance.
    Courtesy of EOCA
    Burs, Polishers, and Laboratory

    Pearls for Your Practice: IPR Bur Kit by EOCA

    As much as he wishes he never had to do it, IPR is just part of performing clear aligner therapy, says Dr. Joshua Austin. Learn how this product reduces stress and headaches.
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    Human Resources

    Matching dental team members to your values

    Dec. 15, 2023
    Getting the right team in place will guide your team to success. This involves some time and effort that is well worth it.
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    Comparing fee-for-service and capitation revenue models in dental practice

    Dec. 14, 2023
    Given the current controversy around FFS and capitation, this dentist explores the incentives and operational aspects of both economic models.
    Diagnostic Imaging and CBCT

    Pearls for Your Practice: Portray 3D Tomosynthesis

    Learn about Portray, a radiographic device that allows dentists to capture 3D tomosynthesis images of teeth or implants by capturing multiple images in sequence to create a 3D...
    65321752 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com
    Checking your own dental systems can lead to more profits.

    Can your current dental practice systems be the key to efficiency and profitability?

    There are some unique ways to increase practice profitability that you may not have thought of. The surprise is, profits can often be achieved by examining your own systems.
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    Maximizing success in your dental practice: A guide to bonus systems for dentists

    Bonus systems come in all forms. Finding one that motivates both dentists and team members is key. Here’s a look at several types of bonus systems to consider and tips to implement...
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    Reducing your tax bite: 7 tax-advantaged strategies for dentists

    Dec. 12, 2023
    As incomes grow, so does the tax bill to Uncle Sam. Tax-planning strategies can play a pivotal role in helping you preserve financial gains. Here are seven tax-advantaged strategies...
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    SEO help for dentists from a dentist

    April 26, 2023
    Don't be fooled by SEO companies that offer one-size-fits-all. Find one that understands your needs and your practice, then watch your practice grow.