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Dr. Glazer reviews Pac-Dent's autoscaler ultrasonic insert, SilverPlug, and OraSoothe rinse and gel.

I have it—you want it! Autoscaler Ultrasonic Insert, SilverPlug, OraSoothe Rinse and SockIt Gel

Dec. 20, 2023
In this bimonthly column, Dr. Howard Glazer reviews three dental products on the market today.

Autoscaler Ultrasonic Insert

I’ve been very impressed with the new ultrasonic scaler insert from Pac-Dent. This 30K insert, also available as 25K, is lightweight, easy to handle, and fits securely into my existing ultrasonic unit. I used it with several patients with a variety of extra- and intrasulcular concretions, and in all cases it efficiently removed the deposits and left a smooth surface. The instructions outline several important points for this and all other inserts: 1) Always wet the insert’s O-ring with water prior to inserting into the handpiece; 2) Don’t force the insert into position; rather, gently twist it as it is inserted until fully seated and secure; and 3) Use it with gentle paintbrush-like strokes as you glide over the dentition. The insert should be cleaned and placed in an ultrasonic bath prior to being dried and placed into your steam autoclave. Both the universal and thin model tips feature a nonslip grip. The universal tip is ideal for light to heavy deposits, generally used supragingival, on low to high power. The thin insert is longer, with a thin tapered tip, and is designed for light to moderate deposits. It can be more readily used subgingivally at a low to medium setting. These inserts are priced well and worth trying.

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Out with the cotton pellet and out with the Teflon tape. Now you can effectively seal the screw channel of the implant(s) you have placed with the first polymer resin plug that is proactive in the prevention of peri-implantitis. This polymer resin contains silver zeolite, a natural antimicrobial. SilverPlug is opaque white, and it darkens when coming in contact with bacteria, indicating that the threat has been eradicated. Application is easy and requires no etch, bonding agent, or cement. To begin, you simply insert a tapered SilverPlug into the screw channel and cut the occlusal portion to a height slightly below the occlusal surface. SilverPlug will fit into any implant screw channel and is gently tamped into place just short of the occlusal surface. The occlusal surface is then sealed using your composite of choice. We too often associate peri-implantitis with patient hygiene, when in fact bacterial leakage can occur in the implant’s screw channel. SilverPlug fills the channel and is proactive in preventing bacterial intervention. It’s an easy, safe, and secure fix to any potential peri-implantitis issue with the implants you place.

OraSoothe Rinse and SockIt Gel

We often prescribe a drug to reduce a patient’s pain and assist in healing wounds associated with invasive dental procedures. OraSoothe is an all-natural oral hydrogel wound dressing that was created as a nontoxic, drug-free solution for both wound healing and pain management for pre- and postinvasive dental procedures such as mucositis and deep root planing and scaling. It’s even useful in instances when the patient has a cheek or tongue bite, gingivitis, denture sore, orthodontic irritation, or ulcerations. At the same time, it also manages and protects wound sites. OraSoothe, which is FDA cleared as a class I medical device, contains all-natural food-based ingredients, and is available as a rinse for in-office and at-home use. Ingredients include water, mannose polysaccharides (aloe vera), xylitol, and essential oils of cinnamon, clove, and thyme. It has a pleasant aroma and taste and is safe for all ages to swallow. I use it as a postprocedure protective coating for the patient and send them home with a bottle as a follow-up to ensure healing. While it does not contain numbing agents, I have found that patients experience less discomfort when using this product. There’s also a great sister product called SockIt Gel. It comes in a syringe and is useful in extractions, to prevent dry socket, and in bone-grafting procedures. Again, it is placed initially in-office and the remainder of the syringe is then given to the patient for in-home use. Both OraSoothe and SockIt Gel are extremely useful healing aids, and I agree with the manufacturer’s suggestion that you think of them as an “oral Band-Aid.”

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Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD, is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, American College of Dentists, International College of Dentists, American Society for Dental Aesthetics, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and a diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is an attending dentist at the Englewood Hospital in Englewood, New Jersey, and the deputy chief forensic dental consultant to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York. For the past several years, Dr. Glazer was named one of the top dentists in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly, 201 Magazine, and Bergen Magazine. He lectures nationally and internationally on the subjects of dental materials, cosmetic dentistry, forensic dentistry, and patient management. Additionally, Dr. Glazer is a frequent author of dental articles and has been published worldwide. For 14 years he wrote a column, “What’s Hot and What’s Getting Hotter!” in AGD Impact. He currently writes the column “I have it—You want it!” in Dental Economics. Dr. Glazer maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, New Jersey.