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I have it—you want it! Knockout Trays, Paladex, Freestyle Pro Handpiece

June 27, 2023
Dr. Howard Glazer reviews promising new products or materials to hit the dental industry. In this installment, learn more about Knockout Trays, Paladex, and the Freestyle Pro Handpiece.

Knockout Trays

About 80% of all crown and bridge procedures are single-unit, including implant restorations. My preferred implant restoration is a screw-retained implant crown, which requires a long screw for the open-tray impression procedure. I generally would have to mark the approximate point where the screw would protrude through the tray and cut a hole in that spot. That is no longer the case with the Knockout Tray. I simply see where the implant is through the clear plastic full-arch tray and then “knock out” the plastic tab in that exact spot. No more drilling and having the plastic melt on my bur, rendering it inoperable. These trays have multiple pop-outs so there never seems to be a problem with having to knock out more than one tab for multiple implants. No special instruments are needed, as the plastic tab/cutout is easily knocked out with a mirror handle. The tray has great retention for material and does not require adhesive. It is simple, accurate, and affords me an excellent impression result without impression material running all over the place, let alone down the patient’s throat. These trays are economical and available in both upper and lower arches in small, medium, and large sizes. This is an easy-to-use, no-fuss, must-have product for exacting impressions without having to customize a tray.


I love the Uveneer system for two reasons: first, its simplistic and easy approach creates beautiful direct resin veneers; second, it was created by a talented esthetic dentist, Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Like so many great products, this innovative concept came to be because a practitioner recognized a common problem and created a product to solve it. The same can be said of Paladex, which is a system of prefabricated clear matrices designed to assist in the creation of the palatal side of the natural teeth when applying composite resin material. The soft, clear, silicone-based material is flexible and allows for adaptation of the composite to the lingual side of the tooth with light compression, while allowing for photocuring through the matrix. Once photocured, the Paladex matrix (which prevents formation of the sticky oxygen inhibition layer) is simply removed without adhering to the composite, and you are left with a hard, glossy, anatomically correct palatal surface. The kit is complete with the maxillary anterior dentition in small and large sizes, from canine to canine. Paladex is also useful for creating the palatal surface of a temporary crown, diastema closure, class IV fracture, or a resin bridge. The instructions are clear and helpful in how to use this matrix system to achieve maximum results. Kudos on another fine product.

More I have it—you want it!: 

Freestyle Pro Cordless Hygiene Handpiece

When you have the best and most cost-effective prophy angle in the marketplace, Prophy Magic, it seems only natural that you would have the best hygiene handpiece to go with it. The Freestyle Pro Cordless Hygiene Handpiece is lightweight at a mere 3.8 oz. and ergonomically well balanced. Best of all, it is cordless! It comes with a wireless Bluetooth foot pedal, but can be controlled by the handpiece itself. There is a battery-operated charging base, and the unit has six variable speeds. While it will work with any standard prophy angle, I use it exclusively with Prophy Magic, also available from Medidenta. The unit comes with three autoclavable sheaths, which is so important in maintaining a sterile, healthy environment. Barrier sleeves are available for reorder, and the unit has a two-year warranty. Medidenta has a great introductory offer: if you buy the Freestyle Pro system, you get 1,000 Prophy Magic prophy angles free—an offer that is hard to refuse!

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