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  • Volume 113, Issue 2 (February 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 2 (February 2023)

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    Science & Tech

    Technology in Two Minutes: Drawing on automotive and aerospace technologies to create dental implant tech

    March 2, 2023
    Ditron Dental USA learned from and adopted manufacturing technologies from their automotive and aerospace divisions to create their Ultimate and MPI implants.
    Images courtesy of AdDent, Septodont, and Largent Health
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    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! Compex HD, Biodentine XP, FiteBac

    Dr. Howard Glazer reviews the Compex HD from AdDent, Biodentine XP from Septodont, and FiteBac Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser from Largent Health.
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    New capital flowed into dental consolidation in 2022 at a record pace

    Feb. 28, 2023
    For practice owners interested in selling but retaining leadership and practice individuality, an IDSO could be the answer.
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    Overhead and Profitability

    4 ways to thrive in a tough economy

    Feb. 28, 2023
    Feeling the pinch of these times? Don't be enticed by quick solutions. Author Amy Morgan says she is "100% certain" following these 4 actions will protect your practice from instability...
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Omnichroma Flow Bulk by Tokuyama

    How does this product make Joshua Austin's life easier—and shade-taking a no-brainer?

    More content from Volume 113, Issue 2 (February 2023)

    Courtesy of GC America
    G ænial A’chord
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: G-ænial A’Chord

    Learn how this universal composite restorative material helps Joshua Austin "look like I'm more talented than I actually am."
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    Finding the experts who will help guide your business

    Feb. 21, 2023
    Accountants, hygienists, schedulers, and much more. How do you get the right advisors to help you run your business? Here's what to look for when adding these important team members...
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    Dental practice accounting: Why your cash flow statement is critical

    Many dentists prefer to focus on patient care and delegate cash management to a team member. This is a dire mistake. Take charge of your financial statements!
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    Science & Tech

    Dentistry leads the AI revolution (despite its late arrival)

    Feb. 20, 2023
    Dentists may be behind the curve in adopting artificial intelligence, but they’re swiftly catching up. Here’s how and why dentistry will make AI ubiquitous in health care.
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    Science & Tech

    Rubber dam: A key to better esthetic dentistry

    One powerful method to reduce stress and improve outcomes in esthetic dentistry is via rubber dam isolation. Here's how you can make the rubber dam a “second assistant” in your...
    1303223469 © Djavan Rodriguez | Getty Images
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    The comprehensive case note: Your number-one defense witness

    The 12 components of a comprehensive case note will go a long way in defending you from litigious patients or disciplinary action from state dental boards. Here's what to know...
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    Science & Tech

    Direct-indirect composite veneers: Balancing esthetics and minimal intervention

    Using this technique that congregates the benefits of a direct composite layering approach with those of indirect veneers can help clinicians achieve optimal shade matching, marginal...
    Science & Tech

    Occlusion and caries: Ongoing zirconia challenges

    Zirconia crowns are well known as the most-used ceramic restoration in dentistry. Dr. Gordon Christensen provides some potential solutions for a few of their most important challenges...
    1402021377 © Elena Safonova | GettyImages
    Thumb Down

    Thumbs down on using rules of thumb for practice valuation

    Feb. 10, 2023
    If, like many dentists, you believe the value of your practice is based on a rule of thumb, you’re likely underestimating your practice’s value.
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    A look inside the mind of a DSO

    Feb. 10, 2023
    When a DSO approaches you with a deal, do your homework before taking their offer. They may not always have your best interests in mind.
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    Science & Tech

    It’s time to consider composite veneers again

    Feb. 9, 2023
    Composite veneers are coming back in vogue due to advances in digital technology. Dentists can enhance a patient’s smile with minimal biologic risk to the teeth and predictable...
    1294971820 © iam2mai | Getty Images
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    SWOT analysis for dentists considering selling their practice to a DSO

    Feb. 9, 2023
    Are you wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of selling your practice to a DSO? The SWOT analysis can help you decide.
    114394727 / Pros Cons © Anyaberkut | Dreamstime.com
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    6 advantages of DSOs—or are they?

    In this series, Dr. Roland Caire, Jr., explores the many facets of DSOs: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here, breaks down 6 "pros" for joining a DSO, and explains why there ...