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G ænial A’chord

Pearls for Your Practice: G-ænial A’Chord

Feb. 23, 2023
Learn how this universal composite restorative material helps Joshua Austin "look like I'm more talented than I actually am."

There are gods who walk among us and clinicians who walk within the footprints of the gods, specifically when it comes to direct esthetic composites, including Pascal Magne, Newton Fahl, Marcos Vargas, and Bob Margeas. All of these “gods” are clinicians who are able to achieve things with their hands that I simply cannot. They can control shape, shade, and translucence through the untold layers of various composite systems. I am lucky if I can get something to kind of look like a tooth. I am not a god.

Many of you may identify with me. As much as I wish I could perform esthetic composite restorations with multiple shades and layers and have them turn out like the gods’ restorations, I just can’t, so I need a simplified approach. I need products that can help me look like I am more talented than I actually am. G-ænial A’Chord is just one of those products.

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G-ænial A’Chord is a universal composite restorative material that gives a near-ideal balance of simplicity, esthetics, and versatility. We have all seen esthetic composite kits with huge selections of shades and opacities needed to restore the 16 Vita Classic shades. G-ænial A’Chord simplifies all that, allowing you to achieve all 16 shades with just five core shades. This allows us to keep a reduced inventory and save some overhead on those weird one-off shades.

The unique filler technology in G-ænial A’Chord is responsible for that chameleon-like effect by mimicking the reflection of natural light and fluorescence. This gives us invisible restorations in any light. G-ænial A’Chord handles great as well. Its consistency is not sticky in my hands. It sculpts well with hand instruments. It also brushes well, which not all composites do. Using a brush to make a bevel margin invisible with well-shaded composite is a trick that I have seen all of those composite gods do frequently, and G-ænial A’Chord does this very well.

Chemistry and physical characteristics are also differentiators for G-ænial A’Chord. Its fillers are made up of proprietary technologies like full-coverage silane coating and high-performance pulverized Cerasmart fillers. The combination of these technologies with the monomers in G-ænial A’Chord give this composite high strength, gloss retention, and excellent radiopacity.

Using G-ænial A’Chord helps taking shading out of the equation a bit. Just get it close, and the science in the material will give it the best blending and chameleon effect possible. That leaves you to just worry about shape, anatomy, and occlusion. If you can get those three things right, with a material such as G-ænial A’chord, you won’t be far off from some of those composite gods!

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