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  • Volume 112, Issue 12 (December 2022)
  • Volume 112, Issue 12 (December 2022)

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    Fitting the financial conversation into the patient care experience

    Jan. 5, 2023
    Providers want to keep patients for life, and CareCredit wants to enable patients to enjoy a lifetime of care. Learn more about how the CareCredit card can simplify patient finances...
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    Talking about money: Value, cost, and payment solutions

    Patients may value dental care and understand cost and insurance benefits, but if they aren’t offered a means to pay for it, they may not be able to get from point A to point ...
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    Dr. Pam's Picks: New year wish list

    Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz details some of her must-have dental practice products.
    Dr. David Rice and his wife, Anastasia, enjoying one of their favorite activities: sailing Tampa Bay.
    Editorial Advisory Board

    DE Advisory Board profile: David Rice, DDS

    Together with our publishing team, board members work to improve DE and make it an essential resource for dentists and the dental industry. This month's featured member is Dr....
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    A dentist's insight on money

    Jan. 3, 2023
    Do you work to live? Or live to work? When your goals are aligned, it becomes easier to make and manage your money. Here's one dentist's insight.

    More content from Volume 112, Issue 12 (December 2022)

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    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! Rite-lite PRO, Lime-Lite Enhanced, iOptima INT

    Dr. Howard Glazer reviews the Rite-lite PRO multispectral/hi CRI shade light from AdDent, Lime-Lite Enhanced by Pulpdent, and the iOptima INT.
    Courtesy of PhotoMed
    Canon Pearl
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Canon EOS RP from PhotoMed

    Looking at photos of cases is by far the most valuable tool Joshua Austin has in improving his work, and as such, he recently upgraded to the Canon EOS RP from PhotoMed.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Molis Coaching Essentials

    More GPs than ever are doing ortho thanks to Invisalign—the problem is that most GPs don’t know how to do it. That’s where Molis Coaching comes in.
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    Science & Tech

    A review of 4 intraoral scanners: Which is the right one for your practice?

    Dec. 27, 2022
    Intraoral scanners have gained enormous attention due to their superior accuracy and speed. Here's a look at 4 different scanners and their helpful features.
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    Science & Tech

    Success in orthodontics with AI

    Dec. 23, 2022
    How can you make your dental practice more successful and your life easier? Here’s a look how DentalMonitoring uses artificial intelligence to give you an “extra set of hands....
    1184768188 © sorbetto | GettyImages

    Do you have DDS or DMD?

    Dec. 23, 2022
    The misinformation that has been shared in dentistry throughout the years has led to DDS and DMD. Do you suffer from either one?
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    Purchasing a minority interest in a corporate or large dentist-owned practice

    Purchasing a minority interest in a corporate or large dentist-owned practice can be very rewarding, but there are a few things you need to know about before you commit.

    Does a simplified-shade composite system limit or improve outcomes?

    The most complex solution isn't always the best. Chief Editor Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz reviews a simplified-shade composite system from GC America.
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    Science & Tech

    Less analog, more digital: “I see that this is going to change dentistry going forward”

    Dr. Jeff Lineberry is an implant and restorative dentist in North Carolina. He’s partnered with WhipMix not for articulators, but for digital dentistry. He discusses his journey...
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    Health-care entrepreneurship: An opportunity to thrive in a changing dental landscape

    Dec. 19, 2022
    Dr. Brady Frank says there’s a much better option for dentists today than corporate DSOs. He explains the concept of health-care entrepreneurship and its benefits.
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    DSOs and the potential nightmare of parallel authority

    In this series, Dr. Roland Caire, Jr., explores the many facets of DSOs: the good, the bad, and the ugly. In this installment, learn what he means by "the frustration of DSO authority...
    Figure1 636d11077b853
    Science & Tech

    How long do dental restorations last?

    Many patients don’t know that their dental restorations won’t last forever. Here, Dr. Gordon Christensen looks at the various restorative materials and their average longevity...
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    Then and now: Who will buy your dental practice?

    Dec. 14, 2022
    When it comes to selling a dental practice, a lot has changed in the past 15 years—and this author understands this through his father's experience back in 2008.
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    Challenge your limits instead of limiting your challenges

    Dec. 12, 2022
    Challenge your old assumptions and expectations. Only then can you learn to objectively assess ROIs and make investments that drive better results and more profitable growth.
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    Professional Trends

    Whole-person care for vulnerable patients: The value of medical-dental integration

    Dec. 12, 2022
    The separation of medical and dental systems disproportionately burdens vulnerable populations. MDI—medical-dental integration—is a key path forward.
    1320096869 © Andrey Suslov Getty Images
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    What is the metaverse—and how is dentistry affected by it?

    Blasting into the metaverse and utilizing blockchain technology are inevitable. Mart McClellan, DDS, MS, explains the technologies that can enhance the field of dentistry.
    © CC BYSA 3.0 | Wikipedia Commons/creatvecommons.org

    AI in dentistry: 7 building blocks to protect your practice

    Are humans better than machines? Since the evolution of artificial intelligence, it's a question people have had to face, including dentists for their practices. Here are ways...
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    Multi-Practice Growth

    The DSO dilemma: Is a DSO right for you?

    Dec. 9, 2022
    The DSO phenomenon is unlike anything else in dentistry. Here are some guidelines for deciding whether or not a DSO is right for you.
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    Don’t let the holidays slow down your business

    Dec. 8, 2022
    If you want to enjoy the holidays and maintain a strong business, you have significant work to do beforehand. The most successful people set their new year in motion long before...
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    Burnout: Your new status symbol?

    Have you found yourself almost bragging about how busy you are? Being burned out has become a bit of a status symbol. But this really isn't a wise idea.