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I have it—you want it! Rite-lite PRO, Lime-Lite Enhanced, iOptima INT

Jan. 3, 2023
Dr. Howard Glazer reviews the Rite-lite PRO multispectral/hi CRI shade light from AdDent, Lime-Lite Enhanced by Pulpdent, and the iOptima INT.

Rite-lite PRO

When a dentist chooses the wrong shade, it can be costly in three ways: 1) the time wasted for both the dentist and the patient; 2) the cost of the remake; and 3) the cost of the patient’s confidence in your abilities. This can be avoided by using a terrific, simple-to-use device: the Rite-lite PRO. This rechargeable device is ideal for anterior shade selection. The light is multispectral and incorporates a high color rendition index (CRI) to reveal true colors. The light produces a visual spectrum equivalent to natural sunlight and the 24 incorporated LEDs simulate various lighting conditions. 

More "I have it—you want it!": 

There are three modes for taking shades: color-corrected light at 5500⁰ Kelvin; room light, which is incandescent at 3200⁰ Kelvin; and ambient light, which is a combination of daylight and room light at 3900⁰ Kelvin. There are also three levels of intensity and a very useful black light setting to aid in matching the natural fluorescence of teeth. The learning curve for this tool is short and simple. Choose your shade at 5500⁰ Kelvin and then check with both ambient and incandescent modes. The shade should match in all lighting environments, thus providing a proper shade match for the patient regardless of their lighting scenario. Rite-lite PRO comes with a polarizing filter to help visualize individual tooth characteristics without surface reflection, and a pad of 25 neutral color tabs to standardize the background. When using Rite-lite PRO, it is very easy to select the proper shade for all lighting situations quickly and confidently.

Lime-Lite Enhanced

Seven years ago, I was introduced to Lime-Lite and began to use it as a base/liner. In fact, when I reviewed it back then for my AGD Impact column, I remarked, somewhat tongue-incheek, that “Lime-Lite is a strange name for a product that will never see the proverbial ‘light of day.’” That is because this wonderful product is a light-cured cavity liner that is placed under other restorative materials. It has now been enhanced with Pulpdent’s patented Crysta MCP Technology, which supports remineralization.

The material incorporates Pulpdent’s proprietary shock-absorbing resin that prevents cracking or crumbling and has a high compressive strength and a high degree of wear resistance. This material can be used with all adhesives, composites, and alloy restoratives. It is dispensed directly to the dentin floor via a syringe and is sold in a convenient four-pack of 1.2 mL syringes with 20 prebent tips, or in a 3 mL syringe. Like Pulpdent’s other products, it contains no bisphenol A, no bis-GMA, and no BPA derivatives. Lime-Lite Enhanced provides greater adhesion to dentin and greater release of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride that contribute to stimulating secondary dentin and reducing secondary decay to ensure a favorable restorative outcome.

iOptima INT

When does four equal one? Only with the iOptima INT from Bien-Air. This amazing electric handpiece system is controlled by an iPad and allows you to perform restorative procedures, endodontics, implant/oral surgery, and piezo scaling all with the touch of an icon. With an ever-increasing number of GPs performing specialty procedures and/or hiring an associate to perform such procedures in their office, there is no need to have a separate motor for restorative, endodontics, implant/oral surgery, and periodontal procedures. The iOptima INT does it all and in the same breath saves valuable operatory space!

The unit can accommodate up to three electric motors and one piezo scaler, which can be easily installed on any existing dental unit. I am a long-time advocate of electric handpieces and love the MX2 motors and NOVA contra-angles that make perfect handpiece combination for my restorative procedures. Best of all, you can vary your handpiece speed depending on procedure with the simple swipe of a gloved finger (e.g., finishing a margin, crown prep, alloy removal, etc.) and save your preferred setting. For endo, I use the MX2 with the Bien-Air Dental CA Endo handpiece. The small head on this combo is especially important because it allows for greater visibility of the working area. Although it works with any endo system, there is an option for a Wave One mode, and it has reciprocating action to help minimize the risk of file separation. Lastly, the MX-i motor and CA20:1 handpiece combination has become the workhorse for surgical procedures in my office. It includes an internal irrigation system for greater patient and practitioner comfort without the need for a separate irrigation hose adding to the size of the handpiece. The four-in-one capabilities of the iOptima INT are unparalleled, and the benefit of its masterful versatility should not be overlooked as a necessity in each operatory.

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