Dental supply e-commerce site extends savings beyond the West; 47 states slated for 2019

The Dentists Supply Company is in the process of expanding so that more dentists can enjoy its benefits. allows independent practice owners to enjoy the savings that used to be reserved for DSOs.

Jonathan Ford, DMD

The expansion of The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) is proving to be a great way for members of organized dentistry to experience significant savings on dental supplies. Prior to expanding in late 2018 to nine Western states, the e-commerce site had saved dentists over $2.6 million compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. In one year alone, my average-sized private practice saved over $10,000 on the same products I’d been purchasing from a major dental supplier.

The California Dental Association launched TDSC in 2017 as a member benefit to leverage the buying power of California’s 27,000 dentists to create a large group purchasing program. TDSC leveled the playing field for solo practitioners like me who could not enjoy the discounts that major dental suppliers offered DSOs. With the ease of online shopping and consistent, competitive pricing on over 40,000 products, TDSC is gaining the loyalty and trust of thousands of dentists, one click at a time.

What do dentists think?

“TDSC is an amazing benefit for organized dentistry,” said Cody Calderwood, DDS, president of the Utah Dental Association and owner of a Park City, Utah, dental practice. “I did the cost comparisons myself with the other companies and, on average, I save about 20% on supplies. Shopping with TDSC has allowed me to substantially shave my overhead. Those savings have allowed me to do some remodeling and upgrades to my office, which were much needed.”

The expansion into Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington allows more members of organized dentistry to save significantly on dental supplies. In April 2019, became available in Illinois, New York, and Texas, and will expand to 47 states by mid-2019. This disruption in the $10 billion dental supply market frees dentists from the status quo of our cottage industry that has depended on dental supply company sales reps to stroll into our offices, take our supply orders, and hand us a bill. Those days are over.

“We have saved on supply costs consistently since our first TDSC order,” said Jennifer Thompson, DDS, president of the New Mexico Dental Association and a practicing dentist in Farmington, New Mexico. “It’s easy for a practice to send a list of products that they currently order, and a TDSC representative happily returns a list of potential cost savings. Cost savings on even a handful of products can make a difference in your bottom line.”

How to use

Similar to other e-commerce sites, is easy to navigate and allows you to search for items and place them in your cart for checkout. Dentists can set up a subscription for common items such as gloves so that orders automatically arrive at the office each week or month. Additionally, shipping is free, and all in-stock supplies arrive within two to three business days, depending on the state.

I mentioned that my dental practice saved significantly during one year of purchasing supplies through The exact amount was $10,270.44. I know this because the site tracks each penny I save. The savings gave me the opportunity to purchase some equipment and do some upgrades to my practice. TDSC gives solo practitioners information at their fingertips, and that knowledge translates into bottom-line savings.

Organized dentistry is at its best when it leverages the collective power of its members to create something that a solo practitioner cannot. TDSC is building partnerships with state dental associations across the country to offer as a member benefit, and this will help members combat the rising cost of providing care. That’s because dentists created the e-commerce platform for dentists, which is an important fact that I remember every time I shop for dental supplies now.

Jonathan Ford, DMD, is a general dentist at Ford Dental Group in Huntington Beach, California. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 2007. He served on the board of directors for The Dentist Service Company in 2015. He currently serves on a council for the California Dental Association and is a board member of the Orange County Dental Society. You can reach him by email at Visit his website at

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