DE's Business Lab: How to be a Purple Cow and stand out from other dental practices

Aug. 16, 2023
What is Purple-Cow-Wow, and how can your dental practice achieve this fun—and fun-to-say—accomplishment? Dr. Robert Pick shares his ideas.

Who doesn't like low-cost (even free!) and effective marketing? This is the concept behind Purple-Cow-Wow, Dr. Robert Pick's idea to help your dental practice stand out from the rest. I had the privilege of chatting with him recently to hear some of the great ideas he shares with dentists today.

Think about this. Driving by field after field in Wisconsin, the author of the book Purple Cow, Seth Godin, noted that every single cow he passed was black and white. What if he'd seen a purple cow? That would certainly get people's attention.

Dr. Pick has taken this attention-grabbing idea and applied it to Purple-Cow-Wow. His concept has gained quite a following and been successful for hundreds of dentists. You can find out what all the talk and fun are about by joining Dr. Pick's Facebook group or listening to his podcasts. 

Listen to what Dr. Pick had to say here.

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