DE's Business Lab: Spreading positivity on social media

Feb. 21, 2023
Sharing relevant information on their podcast while spreading positive vibes is the hallmark of Dentists in the Know (DINKS). Find out how you can apply their knowledge to your social media.

I start my discussion with Jeff Horowitz, DMD, Jennifer Bell, DDS, and Chad Duplantis, DDS, otherwise known as Dentists IN the know (DINKS), describing the various kinds of social media posts and how they affect followers like me. DINKS is definitely one of my favorites go-to groups, and I can’t help but be drawn to what they have to offer.

While the three of them discuss their podcast and its development, it’s immediately evident how much fun they have working together and with their peers and guests of their show. They talk about how they maintain their positive attitudes and keep followers engaged, and they share tips all dentists can use to make their social media outreach positive and effective. 

The pandemic was the impetus that got them started online with their podcast and social media, with the goal of keeping dentists engaged during the shutdown and beyond. For starters, they keep their content current and relevant, and invite guests who know what they’re talking about.

Find out how they’ve maintained their success and relevance three years after the start of Covid when they each share their most important “pearls.” This is all information you'll easily be able to apply to your practice.

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