DE's Business Lab: Using medical billing in your practice

Feb. 7, 2023
It's time for dentists to shift their mindsets to more of a medical model. People are fed up with dental benefits, and learning medical billing can help patients and your bottom line.

There’s nothing Kandra Sellers of loves more than seeing a dental professional get paid as a medical specialtist, because that’s what dentjsts are. Our reimbursement is low, and our overhead is high. We need to shift into something more profitable.

That shift is medical billing. If you’re tired of dental insurance companies dictating fees, and tired of fighting them for minimal reimbursement, it’s time to look into medical billing. Kandra said she’s seen anywhere from a 2% to 12% increase in reimbursement for procedures from medical billing in the practices she’s worked with. 

We’re the only medical specialty that can tap into two places to receive reimbursement. Dental fee schedules don’t cover half of what we do. Kandra asked why we work so hard to obtain benefits for our patients when they’re limited to $1,000 and $1,500 on the dental side. There aren’t as many exclusions and limitations on the medical side because it's based more on patient need. Medical is a very different mindset. 

Dental and medical codes are not the same, but learning medical simply takes coaching and training. Kandra notes that dental professionals are smart people, and the practices she’s worked with have learned quickly and seen their bottom lines grow immediately. 

Is it time to shift your mindset? Kandra and I believe it is. She explains what a practice can expect from the process, and how to get started. She guarantees that once the team learns this process, you’ll see your profits increase. 

Watch our discussion to find out how you can get started.

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