DE's Business Lab: Dental offices CAN bill medical insurance

Oct. 17, 2022
Yes! Dental offices are eligible to collect on their patients' medical insurance. Medical billing expert Kandra Sellers says if you've been confused about this billing in the past, it's worth your time to learn now.

Many dentists have little idea they’re eligible to bill medical insurance, but they are entitled to file for these payments. Dental insurance has been a “coupon plan” for too long to keep such a strong hold on dentistry. In fact, dentistry is the only medical specialty that can bill both dental and medical.

Medical billing expert Kandra Sellers, BA, RDH, realizes that some dentists may have tried medical billing in the past with no success and given up. She encourages them to try again. Now more than ever, when dentists are forced to write off a significant portion of their earnings, is the time to learn how to bill medical and retrieve more of our fees. 

Why don’t more dentists bill for medical? Kandra said a lot of it is due to the myth that it doesn’t work. We’d actually be doing this as a courtesy to our patients to help them reduce their out-of-pocket expenses, and there’s no extra cost to them if we bill medical. 

Kandra shares what procedures eligible for medical insurance, and the list is surprising and extensive.

Have you tried and failed with this process? That’s what Kandra and her business, Tips Medical Billing, are here for, to help you get started. You’ll be happy you did and surprised at how your bottom line grows.

Reach out for a medical billing analysis to learn about your opportunities. If you prefer texting, contact her at 612-418-7870, or email her at [email protected], and find out what’s possible for your practice today!

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