DE's Business Lab: Charge for ALL of what you do by using medical billing

March 18, 2024
Why do dentists hesitate to make some recommendations for patients? Fear of the cost. Medical billing can take care of that for everyone.

Are you leaving thousands of dollars on the table? There are so many missed treatment opportunities in dental offices. This is because dentists often hesitate to recommend some treatments when dental “insurance” won’t cover it. Or they even offer some treatments free of charge, again, when they know insurance won’t cover it.

Kandra and I wonder, how did this acceptance of overlooked treatment ever start in our profession? How did we get ourselves into this mindset? Would you change your ways if you knew that medical billing would reimburse you for needed and wanted procedures you may have avoided? 

Kandra shares a recent story about her dog when she became very sick. Like so many people, she didn’t hesitate to spend the money on her pup’s treatment. Yet so many people do not have that same spend mindset when it comes to dental care. Even dental professionals don’t have that mindset!

All of this can and will change if your practice offers medical billing. Kandra is happy to discuss this option and educate you and your staff about its benefits. You can be paid for the treatment you offer, and you can offer more treatment knowing you’ll be reimbursed. Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table any longer. 

Visit Tips Medical Billing to learn more or contact Kandra at [email protected].

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