DE's Business Lab: Medical billing: The key to expanding your dental patient base

Feb. 1, 2024
How do dentists start getting paid as a medical specialty? Here's why Kandra Sellers highly recommends medical billing.

It’s a new year filled with new opportunities, and I started 2024 by talking with Kandra Sellers of TIPS Medical Billing. She has so much good information to share with dentists who are struggling against lower and lower reimbursements from dental benefit plans.

She asks, how do we in dentistry stop our limited beliefs, such as how much we should get reimbursed? How do we start getting paid as a medical specialty? How do we move away from the ball and chain that is dental benefits plans?

Where medical billing comes in

In her visits with dental practices, Kandra has found that some offices avoid some treatments altogether because they don’t have benefits attached to them and they won’t get reimbursed what they’re owed. Medical billing can change all that. Your patient base would expand if you tapped into medical billing. And remember, many people have medical insurance, but not dental benefits.

Patients are also appreciative because more dental treatments will become available to them. Many people don’t know medical billing is even an option when it comes to their dental care. As they become educated about this, Kandra envisions more patients asking their dentists about medical billing.

Kandra will be available at Chicago Midwinter to meet with practices that are interested in learning about medical billing. Contact her at TIPS Medical Billing or [email protected] and watch our discussion here to see if medical billing is a good fit for your practice.

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