DE's Business Lab: A deeper dive into medical billing

April 20, 2023
Medical billing expert Kandra Sellers, BA, RDH, helps dentists understand the many benefits of incorporating medical billing into their practices.

Dentists don’t charge for as many things they should be billing for due to the well-known limitations of dental benefits. But dentists may be surprised at how much more treatment they will be paid for through medical billing. Items not covered by dental insurance are often covered by medical insurance.

Dentists need to stop limiting their treatment plans because dental benefits don’t cover something. Medical billing allows for more diagnostic and treatment planning because there are fewer restrictions on it. 

Kandra Sellers, BA, RDH, CEO and founder of Tips Medical Billing, explains the multitude of billing opportunities available to dentists through medical billing. She talks in terms we can understand, including the difference in what we’ll be paid with and without medical billing.

Contact her at [email protected] or visit tipsmedicalbilling. She encourages dentists not to lose anymore opportunities. Contact her today!

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