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  • Volume 113, Issue 10 (October 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 10 (October 2023)

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    Restoring your balance: It's not just about your patients

    Oct. 25, 2023
    Being available and nice goes a long way, but such dedication also means dedication to yourself and your family.
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    Dental Practice Valuation

    Dental practice accounting: Getting familiar with business valuations

    Dental practice valuation is complex. Understanding the factors involved and making practice valuation a priority will make a huge difference when buying, selling, or building...
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    Don't make excuses and dentists will get more done

    Dentists: Time to lose the excuses

    Oct. 24, 2023
    What are the top three excuses among dentists for not using their time well? Listen to yourself, and you might be surprised at some of the things you say.
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    how to run an efficient dental office

    An organizational system that will change your dental practice's efficiency

    Patients have actually commented on how quickly and efficiently this dentist and his team tend to their treatment. The secret is an organizational system that the team highly ...
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    Science & Tech

    Dentsply Sirona: “The digital pioneer of the dental industry”    

    Chief editor Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz talks with Erania Brackett of Dentsply Sirona about the company's digitial solutions, educational offerings, and more.

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    Dental Team Longevity

    3 ways to increase dental team longevity

    Team longevity is one of the key factors in dental practices reaching the top 10%. Here are three ways to ensure your employees want to stick around.
    Figure 3: This ceramic crown is about 0.5 mm too low, a common issue with labs.
    Science & Tech

    Solving challenges with zirconia and lithium disilicate crowns

    Dr. Gordon Christensen recognizes the challenges dentists are often seeing with zirconia and lithium disilicate crowns. Here, he shares practical solutions you can use.
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    The Power Of Attention Mindfulness Yoga

    Pay attention to your attention: Practices to strengthen your most essential currency

    What you want in life isn’t most important—it’s HOW you think about it. These practices will help you reclaim the quality of your attention and reprogram your mind to adapt to...
    Tmd Dentistry
    Science & Tech

    Taking the bite out of temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

    Oct. 23, 2023
    This doctor has spent decades researching and interviewing patients to find the root causes of TMD. The device he created works for 95% of the patients who follow his protocol...
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    You're thinking about selling your dental practice, but the million-dollar question is—when is it the right time?

    Is it time to sell your dental practice?

    You're thinking about selling your dental practice, but the million-dollar question is—when is it the right time? This "Practice Sales Today" breaks it down.
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    Technology is revolutionizing dentistry.
    Science & Tech

    Editor's note: Embrace emerging tech for a more efficient practice

    The October 2023 issue of Dental Economics is all about dental technology.
    I’m a huge foodie! I love to travel with my wife and try all sorts of foods. I’ll try any food once, even if it doesn’t sound the best. I’ve found some of my favorite dishes this way.
    Editorial Advisory Board

    Dental Economics Advisory Board profile: Neville Hatfield, DMD, MBS

    Oct. 20, 2023
    Our editorial board helps us provide the latest and greatest information to our readers. This month, we feature Neville Hatfield, DMD, MBS.
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    Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality
    Science & Tech

    Artificial intelligence and augmented reality: Practical applications in dentistry

    Do the words “artificial intelligence” and “augmented reality” cause you to worry just a bit? Read on to learn how AI and AR are already being used in each of the dental specialties...
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    Dentists: what to consider if you want to join a dental service organization

    How does joining a DSO affect your clinical autonomy?

    Oct. 20, 2023
    Are you worried about losing your clinical autonomy if you go with a DSO? That is a very legitimate concern, and whether you retain it depends on a few factors.
    Now might be a good time to look into an IDSO
    Dental Service Organizations

    Want less stress, more liquidity, cutting-edge tools, and more? An IDSO might be for you

    Now might be a good time to look more closely at an IDSO. Good practices are in demand, and you may be surprised at how your life will improve.
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    In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of dental products on the market today.
    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! OccluZinator, OptiBond Universal

    In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of dental products on the market today.
    28830107 © Burak Çakmak | Dreamstime.com
    The importance of internet when running your dental practice.

    Does your dental practice have an internet contingency plan?

    Oct. 17, 2023
    Losing internet can affect your dental practice's bottom line. Do you have a plan for if yours goes down?
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    Dental Retirement Planning

    It's time to break the dental retirement rules

    Oct. 16, 2023
    The average retirement age of dentists is seven years longer than the average American's. But what if there were an alternate path to a better life? Learn how to play by the new...
    Image courtesy of Ortek Therapeutics
    BasicBites are sugar-free, candylike chewables that can raise acidic pH in the oral cavity, thus reducing decay.
    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! BasicBites

    In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of a promising dental product on the market today.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: HyperFIL Bulk-Fill by Parkell

    HyperFIL Bulk-Fill is a dualcure resin composite that is great for simplifying everyday posterior direct restorative dentistry.
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    Mental Health Dentistry

    How—and why—you should integrate mental health support into the dental practice

    Oct. 12, 2023
    The two hours average patients spend in your chair each year can have more value to their overall health—including mental—than many dentists realize. Here are proactive steps ...
    Voco Retraction Paste
    Science & Tech

    How Voco Retraction Paste can simplify and enhance the digital scanning workflow

    Oct. 11, 2023
    Retraction paste can simplify and enhance the quality of clinical dentistry. Follow along in this case study to learn more about how retraction paste can be incorporated into ...
    Image courtesy of Rhondium
    Quick Connect Anatomy Band
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: QuickConnect Anatomy Band by Rhondium

    "I love the contacts and contours I get from sectional matrix systems. However, sometimes I can’t use them and I need a circumferential matrix." Learn why this product is Dr. ...
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    Pros and cons of leasing or buying dental equipment

    Dental equipment financing: Purchase or lease?

    Oct. 6, 2023
    The age-old question for many dentists is whether to buy or lease their large equipment. There is no one-answer-fits-all, and here's why.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Crosstex Surgical Masks with Secure Fit Technology by HuFriedyGroup

    If you’re looking for a comfortable but safe level-three alternative to N95s, Dr. Joshua Austin says Crosstex Surgical Masks with Secure Fit Technology by HuFriedyGroup are an...
    Dentists, you can break free of insurance.
    Overhead and Profitability

    How dentists can break free of insurance to join the out-of-network world

    Oct. 3, 2023
    If you’re wondering how to escape the insurance model and gain control of your practice, here are some helpful ideas from a dentist who's been there.