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In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of dental products on the market today.

I have it—you want it! OccluZinator, OptiBond Universal

Oct. 18, 2023
In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of dental products on the market today.

OccluZinator sculpting burs

Occlusal adjustments on zirconia restorations can be quite difficult. However, the OccluZinator sculpting burs have been designed to end our frustrations in making minor adjustments to improve the patient’s occlusion.

Developed by Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS (who also designed the Raptor burs and the Occlusinator sculpting burs for composite), these burs will allow you to quickly and safely create or adjust the anatomy to the occlusal surface of all your zirconia restorations. The bur block has four burs that are best used in succession. Start with the two acorn-shaped burs to create triangular and oblique ridges, and follow with the Christmas tree-shaped bur that will sharpen and smooth planes you have created. The football-shaped bur is used only on the lingual surfaces of the upper/lower incisors. These burs are best used at 50,000 rpm with copious amounts of water spray to not overheat and burn the ceramic. The kit also includes Diacera wheels and points to achieve a high-luster final polish. Another great dentist-designed product to help achieve maximum esthetic, functional results for patients—these burs are a must for your zirconia adjustment tray set-up.

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OptiBond Universal

Very often we see other universal bonding agents compared to OptiBond Universal with its patented proprietary glycerol phosphate dimethacrylate (GPDM) technology. The reason is the GPDM molecule in this single-component, light-cured adhesive resin contains both acidic phosphate groups to anchor the adhesive to the hydrophobic surface of the tooth and more methacrylate functional groups for a more effective interface with the hydrophobic resin. Thus, this combination provides excellent adhesion to so many different substrates and surfaces for both indirect and direct applications.

Available in either unit dose (my preference) or a 5-ml bottle, only one application is needed and can be used with a self-etch, total-etch, or selective etch (my choice). It has a low film thickness of about 5 microns and can be used on enamel, dentin, porcelain, and other ceramics. You can use OptiBond Universal with metal base restoratives when in conjunction with NX3 or Maxcem Elite resin cement. OptiBond Universal requires a 30-second application and features a unique nano-etching capability that creates a deeper etched surface with higher micromechanical retention. This is a strong and effective universal bonding agent that can be used in so many ways.

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