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Pearls for Your Practice: HyperFIL Bulk-Fill by Parkell

Oct. 13, 2023
HyperFIL Bulk-Fill is a dualcure resin composite that is great for simplifying everyday posterior direct restorative dentistry.

I were in Orlando for a dental event and decided to take an extra day to check out Disney World. We had such a great time and really enjoyed how Disney uses technology to minimize waiting in line and make your day easier. Lightning Lanes kept us from waiting in line for a lot of rides, and mobile food ordering made lunchtime a breeze! Simplifying those pesky aspects of the day really elevated the experience.

The same thing can happen in our practices. Those pesky things we do every day, such as direct posterior restorations, can be simplified to make our days easier and better. HyperFIL Bulk-Fill by Parkell can do that.

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HyperFIL Bulk-Fill is a dualcure resin composite that is great for simplifying everyday posterior direct restorative dentistry. It comes in a 10-ml syringe that requires a gun to mix it as it dispenses. It flows a bit like a flowable composite but it can be manipulated some. Parkell calls it “moderate viscosity,” and I do feel like that describes it well. Because of its dual-cure properties, it has significantly lower shrinkage and marginal stress than purely light-cure materials.

The instructions for use don’t give a recommended increment depth, which I find interesting. It does say more than 4 mm of increment is no problem. Personally, anything over 6 mm of depth would give me some pause in placing a single increment bulk fill.

In situations over 6 mm, I would place a 2-mm increment base, cure that, and then fill the remaining preparation in a single increment. Parkell recommends curing HyperFIL Bulk-Fill for 40 seconds. Even though this is a dual cure, the light-cure component is important for shade stability over time.

I had been using similar material, but a recent Clinician’s Report article showed that HyperFIL Bulk-Fill exceeded my previous material in strength and wear resistance while also costing less. HyperFIL Bulk-Fill is nano filled, which accounts for some of that durability and wear resistance.

Bonding system compatibility is pretty wide with HyperFIL Bulk-Fill. There are some self-etch systems that will not work well with the dual-cure nature of HyperFIL Bulk-Fill. If you’re using a universal bonding agent, you should consider using it in a selective etch or total etch mode with HyperFIL Bulk-Fill.

This material is easy to use, control, and adjust and shaves minutes off my basic direct restorative time. Combine that with the dual-cure that ensures cured material at the bottom of the restoration, and I think that makes HyperFIL Bulk Fill a winner!

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