DE's Business Lab: What CandidPro can do for your practice

Oct. 7, 2021
Candid is known for its direct-to-consumer orthodontics. CandidPro has taken this knowledge to the dental professional market to seamlessly offer clear aligners. CEO Nick Greenfleld explains its benefits.

Do you want to start offering clear aligners in your practice? CEO of CandidPro, Nick Greenfield, says his company has a solution for you. They’ve brought their direct-to-consumer clear aligner knowledge into the dental practice and they apply it to help dentists and patients benefit in a new way.

CandidPro's goal is to generate the single most profitable per chair hour procedure for a dental practice, and that’s by offering accessible and affordable clear aligners to patients.

Greenfield explains what sets CandidPro apart from the competition, including an additional service layer. This "layer" helps dentists work around offices that are short on staff, cut down on patient chair time, and apply methods for patients to easily monitor their progress at home. Find out what else Greenfield shares with Dr. Pamela Maragliano Muniz in this informative video.

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