DE's Business Lab: Keep all imaging in one location

Nov. 9, 2021
Your life will be easier if you integrate DTX Studio into your practice. It brings all images together in the same software for easy viewing and continuity of care, explains Dr. Pascal Kunz.

No more opening multiple imaging softwares to quickly view and figure out what’s going on with our patients' mouths. I chatted recently with Dr. Pascal Kunz, VP of digital solutions at DTX Studio, who explained that DTX strives to make dentists’ lives easier by integrating all images into the same software in one place, .

Dr. Kunz explained this unique software, and gave a quick overview of how it works. One of my main questions is about its compatibility with other imaging systems. Dr. Kunz assured me the company worked hard to establish partnerships with other companies to make compatibility a reality. He also said all your information is stored in the company's system for safekeeping.

Everything is continuously updated in one place, and the software makes is much easier to share information with other doctors and your lab.

Listen to our chat to learn more about DTX Studio, and visit their website at

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