DE's Business Lab: Adapting care to aging patients

Oct. 20, 2021
As a big chunk of the population ages, many of your aging patients' oral care needs will evolve. Sonya Dunbar, RDH, aka the Geriatric Tooth Fairy, is available to help dental professionals adapt to those needs.

I recently chatted with Sonya Dunbar, MHA, RDH, aka the Geriatric Tooth Fairy. She’s made it her mission to help the aging population with their changing oral health, as well as educate dental professionals on how to help this population transition their oral health needs as they age.

Sonya has what she calls the Net Program, which means catching patients in the part of life when they’re transitioning from independence to needing assistance. Dental professionals can make note of these changes and begin to adapt their approaches to care. This often involves educating family members or long-term care facility staff about someone’s oral care routine.

Dental professionals have a responsibility to help their older patients maintain their oral care, which will of course lead to better overall health as they age.

Sonya offers several online courses for dental teams at to learn how to prepare for patients in their later years. Listen to more of the Geriatric Tooth Fairy’s insights here. those needsThis article originally appeared in DE Weekend newsletter. To subscribe visit