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March 1, 2010
Platinum Intraoral Sensor by DEXIS — I cannot understand why every dental office does not have digital X–rays.
Platinum Intraoral Sensor by DEXIS
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Platinum Intraoral Sensor by DEXIS — I cannot understand why every dental office does not have digital X–rays. There are so many benefits for the dental practice that goes digital. It becomes environmentally friendly since there are no more film, chemicals, or disposal fees. Instant images allow significant time savings. This means increased productivity and more chairside time. Images are available instantly after exposure, eliminating the wait and effort spent developing and mounting X–rays. If an image needs to be retaken, it can be done immediately. It is an affordable technology with a rapid return on investment. Since patients are more involved in co–diagnosis, treatment plan acceptance increases because patients have a better understanding of your treatment. Patients receive a reduction in exposure to radiation, less waiting time, and shorter appointments. If you haven't gone digital, what are you waiting for? I think that DEXIS has made a giant leap with the new Platinum Intraoral Sensor. To maximize patient comfort and ease of use, DEXIS has enhanced its sensor housing design by refining the curvatures, redesigning the cable exit, upgrading materials, and giving it a slimmer profile. The electronics have been placed on the sensor's back in order to maximize the active imaging area. The onboard electronics provide USB functionality that allows a direct connection to the computer. Image capture and processing electronics have been fully integrated into the sensor, replacing the need for a separate adapter or docking station. Simply “plug–n–ray.” A protective shield has been placed onto the interior wall of the rear housing to protect the patient by preventing X–ray back–scattering. The PerfectSize™ Sensor has the ability to take vertical and horizontal bitewings and all periapicals with a single sensor. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of different sizes. Easy to learn and simple to use, DEXIS imaging software serves as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process. Patients respond favorably to digital X–ray images because the larger, more detailed picture allows a better understanding of recommendations. Order from your Henry Schein Dental dealer or visit for more information.

FluoroCore® 2+ by DENTSPLY Caulk
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FluoroCore®2+ by DENTSPLY Caulk — In my practice, I cement endodontic posts, wait for the cement to set, and use another material to do the buildup. I am then ready to prep the tooth. DENTSPLY Caulk has come up with a new system for me. I now use FluoroCore®2+ to make the same process faster, better, and easier. My favorite buildup material has become my favorite post cement. FluoroCore®2+ has the best mechanical properties you need for a cement and build–up material. It is dual–cure so you get a quick initial set, along with the assurance of the final chemical set. It has strong adhesion to dentin, a low film thickness, high compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths, plus it contains a releasable fluoride. Here is my technique: I cement the post by placing cement into the canal and cover the post, then I use the FluoroCore®2+ syringe. I light–cure the post for 20 seconds and then apply a 3– mm increment as a buildup using the same syringe. I light–cure this first increment and then proceed to add any additional material that I need to complete the buildup. Next, I light cure the entire cement and buildup for another 40 seconds. At this point, I can begin to prep. FluoroCore®2+ cuts just like dentin and resists gouging. This technique saves stocking and using another material and saves the time to mix that additional material. This makes post and core procedures much simpler for me, the dental team, and the patient. As always, be sure to read and carefully follow the product instructions. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Dash™ by Discus Dental®
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Dash™ by Discus Dental® — I feel like I have my systems in place to run my office efficiently. But sometimes these systems break down and chaos ensues. Have you ever had a patient want his or her teeth bleached for an important event in a couple of days? The solution is easy — an in–office bleaching. But this is something you don't do every day. The team begins to rush around the office looking for the necessary materials — the bleach, the retractor, the bite block, the liquid gum protector, gauze, cotton rolls. The list goes on. So Discus has come out with a nonlight–activated whitening system to meet the demand for a less expensive, in–office option for patients. Dash solves the problem! Dash is an affordable, easy–to–administer whitening procedure that provides immediate whitening results. Dash also solves your organizational problems by putting everything you need in a single–use kit, including an innovative 30% hydrogen peroxide formula that requires no mixing or refrigeration. It is packed in a single–barrel syringe with a flocked tip applicator that allows for easy gel application directly from the syringe onto the teeth. The single whitening procedure kit includes the “stuff” I mentioned plus some that I forgot. When you open the kit, the first thing you will see is a pictorial “quick reference” guide on the packaging that highlights the steps as a reminder to complete the procedure correctly. To provide your patients with protection against post–whitening sensitivity, a syringe of Relief ACP is included. This is well known for the patented technology of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) in combination with potassium nitrate and fluoride. I have learned that many successful practices offer a variety of whitening services to match their patients' needs. With today's economic pressures on both patients and clinicians, Dash has been priced so that you can offer patients in–office whitening as an alternative to more expensive cosmetic dental procedures. Order by calling Discus Dental at (800) 422–9448 or visit the company's Web site at

EQUIA™ by GC America Inc.
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EQUIA™ by GC America Inc. — This is a new system that combines and enhances the use of GC's Fuji IX™ GP EXTRA and the light–cured, nano–filled, resin–based G–COAT PLUS™. The use of these materials together is called EQUIA. EQUIA is a system solution for Class I, II, and V posterior restorations in high–caries–risk patients, pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and special needs patients. EQUIA may also be used as an amalgam and composite replacement. EQUIA does not require a bonding agent. It will self–adhere to moist dentin and enamel. Fuji IX GP Extra is a glass ionomer that is packable and can be placed in bulk with no layering. The material is not sticky so this can easily be accomplished. The material will self–cure in 2.5 minutes, allowing you to contour the material with a fine diamond. The second component, G–COAT Plus, is then applied and light–cured to provide a high–gloss and smooth surface with added wear resistance. This material penetrates the Fuji IX GP EXTRA, resulting in a chemical adhesion of the coating to the bulk restoration. This increases the restoration's strength. G–COAT Plus results in an optimal marginal seal, reducing postoperative sensitivity, and offers long–term resistance to microleakage and discoloration. Although unlikely, if leakage should occur, fluoride will leach out of the glass ionomer material to prevent further decay. Order GC EQUIA from your dealer and visit for more information.

Two Books by Gary Kadi: Million Dollar Dentistry and Raise Your HDL
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Two Books by Gary Kadi: Million Dollar Dentistry and Raise Your HDL — With all the uncertainty going on around us, now is the time to get off the frozen fence and rethink and revitalize your practice. Today's biggest and brightest practices were reinvented in challenging times. My friend, Gary Kadi, is the author of “Million Dollar Dentistry” and “Raise Your HDL: Healthy Deserve Level.” These books have a very fresh understanding of, and solutions to, the age–old reccurring practice–management opportunities and challenges. His radical, common–sense approach to running and optimizing not only your practice but also your life is very timely and relevant to our times. His solutions to gaining willingness and accountability with your staff and patient compliance through nonscripted, authentic education systems are in a category by themselves. I appreciate the simplicity and ease of understanding his solutions. His bonus system not only motivates the entire team, it allows for autopilot practice management in which you can easily and efficiently know exactly the area hindering your practice growth. Responsible delegation and willing accountability, combined with easy tracking tied to a daily reward, makes managing your practice a joy. You can enjoy doing the things you love to do and go beyond putting out fires every day. Gary's “triple–win” approach allows patients to get all the care they deserve, and the team grows personally, professionally, and financially. In turn, you — the doctor — win. Gary's authenticity and genuine caring nature shines through in his fun writing. The secret to success in practice and in life, Gary believes, is no secret at all. You can learn more about Gary Kadi's books, live events, and sign up for his daily morning huddle motivator at

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