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Pearls for Your Practice: Munchies Vibe by EOCA

Nov. 14, 2021
Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, explains why Munchies Vibe is a great tool to help make those tough clear aligner cases more predictable.

Recently, I wrote about Munchies EPS (Enhanced Posterior Seating) as an adjunct to helping Invisalign cases track more predictably. Munchies EPS work great and are something that I give to every clear aligner patient I treat, whether for an easy case or a tough case. But what about the tougher cases? Are there any other tools at our disposal to help with those beyond Munchies EPS? Thankfully there is! Munchies Vibe is a great tool to help us make those tough cases more predictable.

First off, let's talk about what might constitute a tough case. A tough case might involve moderate to difficult movements, which would be signified with a blue or black dot in the ClinCheck. But a tough case might not involve any blue or black dot movements—it might involve an older patient with even simple movements. Lots of factors might make a case tough, but those two are general guidelines I use to decide if I need extra adjuncts to help make an Invisalign case track.

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Munchies Vibe is like taking a Munchies EPS to the next level. Instead of being just a piece of molded rubber, Munchies Vibe is an entire rechargeable device with three attachments that your patient uses daily to increase osteoclastic activity. The idea of vibrational force to enhance and speed orthodontic movements isn’t new; however, devices tended to be costly. Munchies Vibe is a much more economical way to create the same biologic cascade of activity.

There are three attachments that come with the Munchies Vibe. One is a posterior nodular attachment. One is an anterior nodular attachment. Finally, we have the upper grooved nodular attachment. The patient is instructed to use the Munchies Vibe for 12 minutes per day. That can be in one session or broken up over two six-minute sessions. The patient should use the posterior nodular attachment on each side for four minutes and then use the anterior nodular attachment for four minutes. For any area that is lagging or requires extra attention, the patient can use the upper grooved attachment for a focused result.

The Munchies Vibe case serves as a charging dock for the device itself as well as holds the three attachments and an included Munchies EPS for good measure. The case charges via USB cable.

Munchies Vibe sells for $189 per kit, one of the most economic devices on the market. This could be an add-on cost for patients or you could increase the cost of your treatment to include a Munchies Vibe and pass it on as part of their starter kit. Either way, Munchies Vibe will help your Invisalign cases, especially the tough ones, track faster and more predictably. For me, that is well worth the small cost investment. Double into deep center field for Munchies Vibe!

Editor's note: This article appeared in the November 2021 print edition of Dental Economics.