Pearls for Your Practice: Fusion Anterior Matrix System by Garrison

Oct. 31, 2021
Learn why Dr. Joshua Austin calls Fusion Anterior Matrix System by Garrison a very versatile system for direct anterior composite restorations.

I'm getting ready to travel to Europe for the first time in a couple of years. As much as I love going to Europe, I hate packing for Europe. Specifically, I hate trying to pick out shoes to bring. We are heading to Amsterdam, so I know there will be walking involved, so I need shoes comfortable for that. I also need shoes dressy enough for some nice dinners. Running shoes? Am I actually going to get some runs in while there? I know I need multiple pairs, but I need the most versatile selections possible.

Matrices in the anterior are the same. I know I can’t really ever get away with just one. There are so many different situations, so we will always need several options. We just want the options we pick to be as versatile as possible. That's where Fusion Anterior Matrix System by Garrison comes in.

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The Fusion Anterior Matrix System is comprised of two components—bands and wedges. Both come in different sizes for different occasions. Let’s start with the matrices. They’re stainless steel and come in short and tall and are both slightly tapered. Some unique characteristics of these matrices are that they are ultrathin (.0015” thick) and precontoured. Having an ultrathin matrix facilitates a better interproximal contact. Because these matrices are stainless steel, they can be made this thin. Mylar matrices are usually around .0020” thick. Polyester matrices can be even thicker. In addition, the metal gives some support as we pack and shape the resin composite. A precontoured matrix, especially in the anterior, helps us achieve a more anatomic restoration with less finishing.

The wedges are specifically designed for use in the anterior. They have a radical curvature that helps seal the matrix against the root of the tooth in the gingival. They also have a unique shape that helps prevent black triangles after restoration. Because of this curvature, the wedges need to be applied almost like a suture. They must be “maneuvered” into place. Once in place, they really do a great job of pressing the band against the tooth, and the separating strut of the wedge gives some light separation to achieve a better interproximal contact. These wedges can be placed from the buccal and the lingual, depending on the clinical situation. Talk about versatility! I have never seen a wedge like this for use in the anterior. Placement takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, they really do go in very easily.

Garrison Fusion Anterior Matrix System is a very versatile system for direct anterior composite restorations. It is definitely worth packing in your “restorative luggage.” Double to left field for Garrison!