Pearls for Your Practice: Simplishade by Kerr

Nov. 12, 2021
Learn why Simplishade can make your life easier while saving your practice from waste and increased overhead.

Have you ever heard the term “Sucktember”? I have no idea if other industries use this term, but we certainly do in dentistry—because of the nature of Septembers in a dental office. School starts back and traffic in the office slows down, sometimes significantly.

But I say embrace the Sucktember! Use that time to get stuff done around the office. One thing we do is a full cleanout of old and expired items from our ops, cabinets, drawers, and storage closets. For me, this is the true suck because all of that old, expired stuff we throw out cost me money at some point. So I basically watch as we throw money out the window. This always emboldens me to try to come up with ways to manage inventory more simply so that we don’t have to throw money away during our cleanout. Simplishade by Kerr can help with that.

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Simplishade is a universal composite built to eliminate this waste. It is built with what Kerr calls ART—Adaptive Response Technology. This is a filler system engineered to give a great chameleon effect and a strong material. Similar technology is used in the beautiful hit composite Harmonize. When you think of Simplishade, think of a simplified version of Harmonize. The two handle and polish similarly; Simplishade just streamlines the process.

Three shades to match all 16 Vita shades! That’s all you need with Kerr Simplishade—light, medium, and dark. This leads to quicker shade matching and faster chair time! This is also clutch when it comes to inventory management. I would love to eliminate the waste of watching rarely used shades expire. That’s why products like Simplishade are so great. They can make our lives easier all while saving us from waste and increased overhead.

Another great feature of Simplishade is that it’s all you need—no need for a block-out material, liner, or base. It works in all cavity classes on its own. Be sure to place Simplishade in 2 mm increments or less to prevent polymerization shrinkage. Simplishade is not a bulk-fill material and should not be treated as such.

When I think of ways to make our restorative workflows simpler and easier, products like Simplishade are top of mind. They eliminate the superfluous and help us offer our patients great care without the stress and waste of large tackle boxes of composite. For 90% of our restorations, products like Simplishade are a great and efficient choice. Single over third base for Simplishade!

Editor's note: This article appeared in the November 2021 print edition of Dental Economics.

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