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March 1, 2002
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Virtual™ VPS Impression System
Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. has introduced a new line of impression materials that combines the most desirable attributes of vinyl-polysiloxane impression materials into one system. Available in both fast- and regular-setting times, the system features two viscosities of wash material (light body and extra-light body), a high-viscosity tray material (heavy body), putty, and a monophase material.

Virtual™ impression materials have proven wettability in the mouth. Although many vinyl-polysiloxane systems have hydrophilic properties based on measurements of contact angles of stone slurry placed on set impression material, the hydrophilic properties of Virtual™ impression materials are based on contact angles of unset material placed on moist dentin and moist tissue, simulating the actual conditions during the impression-taking step. Because accuracy of final impressions is so important, Virtual™ features combinations of beige wash materials and blue tray materials to facilitate excellent readability and contrast, so dental professionals can be assured that they have captured the fine details of preparation margins.

For additional information, call Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. at (800) 533-6825.

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New items: Wingers-A and Wingers-P
Steri-Shield introduces two new items to its line of digital-radiography positioners. They are great for producing anterior and posterior periapical images. The new additions are created from a super-soft, specially formulated plastic for maximum patient comfort. Wingers A and P are single-use only and disposable.

For more information or samples, call Steri-Shield at (800) 699-7220 or visit

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Matrixx™ Syringe Storage Caddy
Organize all of your Matrixx™ restorative products with ease and style in one convenient place with the Matrixx™ Syringe Storage Caddy. The caddy features a space-saving, high-tech design with translucent lid for easy contents identification and dust protection. Crafted with three tiered layers for easy access, it can store up to 22 Matrixx™ composite syringes, 11 Matrixx™ flowables, two sets of Cabrio adhesive, and dispensing tips. This compact, portable caddy fits on any counter-top and its contents can be customized to suit all of your restorative materials needs. Check out the cool colors. Quantities are limited.

For details or to place an order, contact Discus Dental at (800) 422-9448 or visit

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Shadowless illumination
Innerlite Systems introduces the disposable Isolite mouthpiece. It not only provides 180-degree illumination of the oral cavity from the inside out, but at the same time incorporates cheek and tongue retraction with high-speed evacuation.

Shadows no longer cause a problem and heads or hands are no longer in the way of the light, which frees the assistant's time to be more productive in other areas. The Innerlite System comes with 50 disposable Isolite mouthpieces, which can be reordered in packages of 25.

For additional information, call (800) 560-6066 or visit

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Perfecta Ultra: Professional Take-Home Tooth Whitening
Premier's new Perfecta Ultra is said to offer dentists the ultimate in professional take-home tooth whitening — faster results without sensitivity and improved patient compliance. Presented in a compact cosmetic package, Perfecta Ultra 6% hydrogen-peroxide formulation is reported to be strong — comparable to 20% carbamide peroxide — yet avoids sensitivity through its patient hydrating-enhanced formulation.

Perfecta Ultra is said to provide faster whitening results via shorter wear time — it is only worn twice a day for 30 minutes. It hydrates the teeth using a patented, neutral pH formula to whiten without sensitivity.

Perfecta Ultra 6% is available from authorized dental dealers. Ask your dealer for limited time introductory offers or for more details, visit

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SplatrFree® prophy angles
SmartPractice® SplatrFree® prophy angles protect you and your patients from the mess and risk of cross-contamination caused by annoying splatter. While conventional prophy angles cause spray to "spin off" in all directions, SplatrFree® prophy angles feature a patented design that keeps the splatter where it belongs, and not on you.

Try them today.

For details, contact SmartPractice® at (800) 522-0800.

BISCO introduces new division and polymerization unit
BISCO Inc. recently introduced its new dental laboratory division and new polymerization unit and indirect composite system, TESCERA™.

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TESCERA™ ATL™ (Aqua Thermal Light) is a polymerization unit for processing indirect composites in an oxygen-free environment for optimal surface properties utilizing water, pressure, light, and heat. The polymerization unit allows the technician to build incremental layers under pressure and light, keeping the restoration free of voids and porosity. In addition, the system kit includes Classic VITA® DENTIN, BODY, and INCISAL shades and characterization materials.

For more information, call BISCO at (800) 247-3368, Ext. 6014 or email [email protected].

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PracticeWorks enters into imaging market for general dentistry
PracticeWorks, Inc. has completed two transactions that give it digital imaging product offerings for its more than 65,000 dental professionals. The company acquired the dental imaging software technology formerly owned by Dicom Imaging Systems, Inc. and it became a preferred distributor for Trophy Dental. PracticeWorks announced plans that it will offer these products to its customers on a monthly subscription basis.

Dicom's Digital Imaging Suite of software applications includes imagExplorer™, imagEditor™, imageSimulator™, and whitener modules. These modules provide powerful image management, editing, annotation, and treatment simulation capabilities for dentists and their staff.

Trophy's patented RVG digital sensors and software make Trophy the first digital intraoral system that has equaled or exceeded the performance of X-ray film. Trophy's system handles all types of digital images, ranging from RVG, intraoral camera images, panoramic images, and scanned images, and all on the same screen.

For additional information, call PracticeWorks at (800) 944-6365 or visit

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Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush
Braun Oral-B® recently introduced the new Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush, a battery-powered toothbrush that will offer the performance of a power toothbrush at an economic price to patients who want to improve their oral health.

The Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush features high-speed oscillating brushing action, pioneered by Braun Oral-B®, and includes other proprietary features that are unprecedented among battery-powered toothbrushes. The toothbrush includes the Oral-B® cup-shaped brushhead, which encompasses the whole tooth as it gently cleans, as well as patented Interdental Tips — two elevated rows of bristles — to penetrate hard-to-reach areas that ordinary toothbrushes may miss. The Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush also features patented Indicator® bristle technology to monitor brushhead wear.

Water-resistant, the Braun Oral-B® Battery Toothbrush handle is ergonomically designed with a soft grip for full control, even when the toothbrush is wet, and available in two color combinations: white/blue and white/green. Two Duracell® Ultra AA alkaline batteries and a practical travel cap also are included.

For additional information, visit

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New gloves pamper dry hands
SmartPractice® introduces Le Soothe™ gloves with aloe vera and Vitamin E. The gloves are made of premium latex material for superior barrier protection. They are polymer-coated to ease donning and powder-free to eliminate powder trails on clothing and in the office. The aloe vera extract and Vitamin E coating to the glove's interior help moisturize hands and nourish the skin. This results in a soothing, comfortable feeling the instant Le Soothe™ gloves are donned.

SmartPractice® offers a special introductory pricing. For more information, call a SmartPractice® glove specialist at (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

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SlimLite X-Ray Viewer enhanced with arms
Image Marketing Corp. announces the addition of articulated arms to hold the SlimLite Viewbox. These arms fasten to the existing 2" posts that are part of many dental chairs. The moveable, jointed arms make the X-rays visible to the doctor while examining the patient. This permits placement of films where they are most convenient. The light box also swivels so the patient can be shown the films, if desired.

To complete the package, a patient record holder is offered to hold patient charts and records below the SlimLite. This means that all needed information for diagnosing or procedure is available at one time.

The SlimLite Arm System is available now. Contact Image Marketing Corp. at (800) 466-7032 for price and delivery. Dealer inquiries welcomed.

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Hard/soft flexible splint
Utilizing two Dental Resources' products, technicians can now fabricate a flexible bruxing splint with a soft inner liner. First, a dual laminate with its soft liner is vacuum-formed onto a model of the patient's mouth. This laminated material is then trimmed to the desired splint's shape and size. Next, wax is added to the occlusal surface of the splint to obtain the desired contours. The dual with the wax on occlusal surface is then flasked, wax is boiled off, and Proflex NFC clear material is added to the flask using a lost wax technique similar to acrylic. The NFC material chemically bonds to the dual, creating a flexible splint with a soft liner.

For additional information on vacuum-formed products and techniques, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

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New exclusive distributor worldwide
Medidenta International, Inc. in Woodside, N.Y., a leader in endodontic technology since 1944, has been appointed the exclusive distributor worldwide for the Endotec II Thermal Endodontic Condenser, MCS Medicated Canal Sealer, which contains lodoform to inhibit microbial growth in the canal and MGP Gutta Percha, the only gutta percha that inhibits microbial growth in the canal.

For more information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit

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Scalers/curettes trade-in program savings
A. Titan Instruments offers unlimited savings through its Trade-In Program. Just hand in a minimum of 10 competitors' scalers/curettes, and, for each one handed in, the doctor will receive a discount on each HyLite scaler/curette purchased.

The A. Titan HyLite series of scalers and curettes, exclusively through A. Titan Instruments, features a new ultra-lightweight handle, reducing hand stress and fatigue. The handle consists of the largest diameter available along with a Diamond Knurl Textured grip to enhance control and provide optimum tactile sensation. The HyLite instruments are constructed of all stainless steel and the tips have the maximum hardness to hold their edges and stay sharper longer. Made in the USA, they are fully autoclavable and carry a lifetime guarantee.

For additional information, call (877) 284-8261 or visit

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Become an implant dentist today
California Implant Institute in San Diego has announced its three-day comprehensive hands-on implant training program, featuring live surgery. This program is designed for a general dentist who is either a novice to the surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry or one who has moderate experience. Course size is limited to ensure a quality learning experience. 21 CE units can be earned.

To register or for more information about the dates and the program's topics, call (858) 496-0574 or visit

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The Best of Sally McKenzie — Special Report
This special report features 20 years of Sally McKenzie's best articles as published in various dental publications. Some of the articles included are: Seal Up the Recall Cracks, How to Retain Key Members, Building a Continuous Improvement Plan, I Need to Talk to You About a Raise, How Does Your Hygiene Department Measure Up?, Checking Your Practice's Vital Signs, Organizing Clinical Teamwork Boosts Team Productivity, and much more.

Sally McKenzie has been writing articles for years to help show you the path to success. Now, you can have them all in this collaborative book created especially for you, by the person most qualified to give you all of the information you will need to be one of the most successful practices in the industry.

For additional information, call McKenzie Management & Associates at (877) 777-6151 or visit

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Alginmax® from MajorAmerica
A vanilla aroma, soothing consistency, two-minute completion time, and its ease of use for dentures, crown and bridge, and orthodontics combined with dimensional stability of more than 120 hours makes Alginmax® the essential everyday product for all types of dental applications, where an impression is necessary.

Also available is the new state-of-the-art spatula specifically designed with soft edges for mixing Alginmax®. There are two colors to choose from: white or blue.

For more details, contact American Tooth Industries at (805) 487-9868 or email [email protected].

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Kemdent launches light-cure trays
Kemdent has manufactured Shellac Special Trays in plain or perforated forms for many years and now adds to its special tray range with the launch of Light Cure Trays.

Kemdent's trays are transparent blue individual trays with a slight peppermint flavor and are available in packs of 50 uppers. They are easy to handle, strong, and durable and can be cured quickly and easily in all established halogen and UVA light-cure units. The new trays produce a minimum of dust during finishing.

Kemdent products offer the busy lab excellent value for money and reliability. For more information, visit

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Advanced Endodontic System
The Advanced Endodontic System — Chair Mount by ASI provides ergonomic access to endodontic instruments and operates all instruments from one foot control. Integrated instruments can include an electric motor, ultrasonic unit, micro irrigators, opturation unit, apex finder, heat sources, computer system, and more. The system features a heavy-duty flex arm and is compatible with any dental chair.

Contact ASI Medical, Inc. at (800) 566-9953 for more information.

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EagleSoft develops new report manual
EagleSoft has developed and released a Report Book for dental-practice management and clinical software. This invaluable tool is a comprehensive overview of the essential screen shots and reports needed to efficiently run the dental practice. From front-office protocols to clinical and imaging procedures, the book details seamless integration using one patient record. Superbly detailed, the Report Book is a vital tool to improve organization, efficiency, and profitability of the dental practice.

Beyond the Report Book, EagleSoft has a complete array of educational materials, courses, demo CDs, and ownership packages to assist the dental professional in building tomorrow's practice today.

For additional information, contact your local Patterson technology representative, or EagleSoft at (800) 294-8504, or visit

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DuraLock™ Plastic Impression Trays
DuraLock™ impression trays are available in six sizes, upper and lower, to fit any patient from extra-small pedo up to extra-large adult sizes. Each tray is numbered and color-coded for fast and easy identification. The unique perforation pattern and rim-locking edge ensures superior retention of any brand of alginate. Molded from medical-grade polystyrene plastic, each tray is ergonomically contoured for maximum in patient comfort. Best of all, DuraLock™ impression trays are priced inexpensively enough to be disposable, yet durable enough to withstand repeated cold-sterilization.

For more details or to place an order, call Ortho Technology, Inc. at (800) 999-3161 or visit

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Ultra-Bond Quik™ Resin Cement
Den-Mat Corporation introduces Ultra-Bond Quik™ Resin Cement. This dual-cured, resin-based cement, which is ideal for laminate restoration, has been developed with dentists' needs in mind.

The new dual cartridge requires no mixing, saves time, and eliminates waste and mess. The low film thickness assures a perfect fit. With a no-slump consistency, Ultra-Bond Quik™ Resin Cement is a breakthrough in the laminate restoration process. The kit includes three dual-chamber cartridges containing Ultra-Bond Quik™ Resin Cement and an Initiator, Ceri-Prime, Dab-Eze Tenure, porcelain conditioner, and a complete set of mixing and application accessories.

For more information, call Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 445-0345 or visit

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Odor-Aerosol Evacuator + Air Purifier
A quiet odor evacuator, yet powerful enough to recycle and purify the air in an 8' x 10' treatment room in under five minutes, the DAE, with quadruple filtration, removes odor and fumes associated with hard- and soft-tissue laser treatments and mercury particulate generated during amalgam-replacement procedures. Fumes and contamination are vacuumed through a 3" diameter, 4' long self-supporting hose. Casters ensure easy movement to multiple treatment rooms.

For additional information, contact Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc. at (888) 264-4337 or visit

Billing Central ...
... is an automated billing system with no software to buy and no worries about data storage. Simplify your payment collection with direct-access billing to your patients' accounts.

Simplifies your accounts-receivable collection. The service was designed with incredible flexibility so that you can settle payment collection directly from your patients in numerous ways: single pay, payment plans, or recurring billing.

Recurring billing puts you in control of when you receive payments from your patients; stagger payment due dates through the month to maintain steady cash flow; and no monthly documentation to prepare. Their bank statement serves as your invoice.

For more information, contact Ted Burrington at (763) 521-7851, Ext. 13.

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Dental supply catalog offers money-saving opportunities
Dentists and hygienists who prefer nationally known, name-brand clinical products will find savings on many of their favorites in the new SmartBuys catalog. The no-nonsense quarterly edition gets down to business in a hurry with five special offers from major manufacturers right on the cover — Dentsply Caulk, 3M, Premier®, Coltene Whaledent, and Kerr, plus one new SmartPractice® "house brand," SplatrFree™.

The catalog of products used every day in busy dental offices is updated quarterly to give customers more opportunities to take advantage of limited-time offers which typically expire before they can be included in an annual edition.

In addition to the many special offers and inventory-clearance discounts, over 125 new products are featured. Customers are also rewarded with free gifts just for ordering from the catalog. Office managers who have not received a catalog are urged to contact SmartPractice® at (800) 522-0800 to request their free copy.

Office managers who have not received a catalog are urged to contact SmartPractice® at (800) 522-0800 to request their free copy.

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Bendable electrode tips improve access
A new series of 48 bendable electrode tips for use with Macan Engineering electrosurgical units have been introduced for the dental market.

The new bendable tips can be tailored to improve access to virtually any area for stress-free ease of use and maximum efficiency. Tips are autoclavable and are available from dealers in packages of two.

For additional information, contact Macan Engineering Manufacturing Company, 1564 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622; call (773) 772-2000; or visit

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New literature on fiber-optic headlight system
High Q Dental offers a new literature package on its top-rated fiber-optic headlight system for dentistry — The Altair SA Fiber Optic Composite Sensitive Headlight System.

With features such as the composite sensitive filter; 200 watts of power; a clean, even field of intensity; true iris spot size adjustment; and brilliant intensity, the Altair SA has been honored as the #1 choice among fiber-optic headlights for dentistry for the past two years. Other features include the lightweight headband and versatile clip options (clips to fit most popular magnification loupes and standard eyeglasses) and quick release cable connection allow the Altair SA to deliver excellent illumination into the field in a user-friendly system.

Contact High Q to receive your packet or to arrange a no-obligation, 30-day trial. For more information, call High Q at (800) 775-3433 or visit

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The Bullet Nose Cone With 'Perfect Chuck'
Now you can have the ease of taking on and off all of your Doriot-style contra angles, prophy angles, including plastic disposable prophy angles like the Twist, and any HP bur without the "hassle factor." Stop fidgeting and trying to decide if the chuck is open or closed. Stop tearing your gloves. Change attachments and burs both quickly and efficiently with our new push-on, pull-off chuck. This Euro-style chuck is available now on the Bullet, our nose-cone attachment for all "E Type" Coupling motors.

For additional information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit

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Renamel® Show-Off™ mock-up material
Cosmedent, Inc. introduces Show-Off™, a new light-cured composite mock-up material to be used to demonstrate cosmetic procedures either resin or porcelain (direct or indirect) on patients or on laboratory models. Now you can increase case acceptance and motivate your patients to say yes to recommended treatment. Show-Off's unique chemistry allows you to create rapid, inexpensive, three-dimensional mock-ups in a matter of minutes. Its exceptional handling qualities provide rapid placement plus easy manipulation and sculptability of the material. Show-Off™ is amazingly easy to work because it stays where you put it and is self-sticking to the tooth surface, requiring no etchants or adhesives. The material can be easily removed with slight pressure. Show-Off™ comes in individual syringes in three shades: Vita A1, A2, and SuperBrite 3.

For additional information, contact Cosmedent, Inc. at (800) 621-6729.

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2002 Product Catalog
Trident Dental Labora-tories' newly designed 2002 Product Catalog featuring an expanded selection of restorative options is available now.

Offering new product information, before-and-after photos and special discounts for Valplast, Captek, and Procera restorations, the catalog also provides free doctor-patient communication tools including demonstration models, product videos, patient brochures, and a Valplast practice development kit.

Take advantage of the offers upon receipt of your free copy in the mail or call Trident at (800) 221-4831 for more information.

New lighting for exam and procedure environment
Midmark Corporation recently released four new light designs for use in dental environments where true, reduce shadow white light illumination is required for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The new lights come in four mounting designs and offer an ergonomic design with complete control, swivel, tilt, and rotate axis. In addition, the lights offer easy access to the touchpad and anti-friction bearings and tension adjustments that allow the dentist to set the tension and motion desired for their specific needs.

Each of the lights feature an integrated PC board that monitors the voltage to ensure color-corrected brightness and LED intensity readouts. For additional information, call (800) MIDMARK or visit

New Web site designed to improve dentist/laboratory communication
BECDEN Dental Laboratory, Inc., annouces the launch of a totally redesigned web site. BECDEN is a crown-and-bridge laboratory specializing in large restorative and cosmetic cases. The new site will provide a portfolio of before-and-after solutions, current technical tips, and practice-management guidelines for current clients as well as those looking for a new lab partner. Also available on-line will be a lab prescription slip and change order as well as employment information.

"Communication between a dental practice and their dental lab is the cornerstone for a successful, long-term relationship," said BECDEN President, Becky Vasquez. "Our website, in addition to our quarterly newsletters and monthly emails, is another tool to provide your practice with helpful information and support."

Dennis and Becky Vasquez created BECDEN six years ago after leaving a bigger dental laboratory. They felt bigger wasn't always better and started a laboratory that provides "small laboratory personalized service and attention with big laboratory experienced technicians and equipment." BECDEN currently has just over 60 employees and has plans to break ground on a new building in the spring of 2002. For additional information, call Becky at (888) 344-9991; email [email protected]; or visit

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