DE's Business Lab: Don't hire a criminal—check references

Jan. 11, 2022
Despite the dental staffing shortage, don't rush the hiring process and end up with the wrong person. You need to check references, and here's how to do that the right way.

So you need a position filled in your dental practice—but you certainly don't want to fill it with a criminal. Checking references is always a good way to prevent this from happening. But David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, the embezzlement experts, tells me that embezzlers have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves that may lead us down the wrong road and right into hiring them.

What should we do to prevent this from happening? David shares how to check references the correct way, from calling phone numbers different from the ones provided, to asking open-ended questions, to listening to how people respond to those questions—not just what they say.

Here are some more important ideas to help you hire people who are good for your practice, not thieves.

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