DE's Business Lab: Simple nightly steps to prevent embezzlement

Dec. 17, 2021
Instead of dashing out the door, take these quick steps each evening and you just might catch an embezzler sooner rather than later.

David Harris of Prosperident is a frequent guest of mine for DE’s Business Lab for a good reason: I want to help my peers prepare for one of the worst things that can happen, and that’s being embezzled. David is an expert in the area and has seen some of bad scenarios in dental practices. He works hard as CEO of Prosperident to help dentists keep embezzlers out of their offices.

Part of what David recommends is a simple nightly routine that can help you catch someone sooner rather than before they do a lot of damage. The average time an embezzler can carry on before being caught is almost two years. He explains the two primary ways embezzlers carry out their stealing, and what dentists should do each evening to catch any suspect behavior quickly. And it’s important to do this each day because if you wait, chances of you remembering details of each day in the past are slim. 

Don’t panic about adding more to the end of your already busy day. It’s well worth it when you can have peace of mind. Visit for more information.

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