DE's Business Lab: Suspect your staff is stealing from you?

Dec. 14, 2021
Is something a little strange in your practice's reports? This may be a sign something is going on. Here's what to do if you suspect this is happening.

David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, wants to stress this: most of the things we as dentists want to do immediately when we think we’re being embezzled are not the right things to do. Primarily, do not confront the person you suspect. What if you’re wrong? That relationship will never be the same, either way. Also, don't call the police.

You need professional advice immediately. Harris says, “Stop, drop, and think.” Do not make any sudden moves. Then, call the pros, such as those at Prosperident, the embezzlement experts. The other specialists you work with, like your accountant, have their areas of expertise and those areas usually don’t include embezzlement, and they may not give you good advice. 

After you call them and they begin their work, be patient. An investigation takes about eight weeks, and you’re guaranteed to get some or most of your money back. Learn more in our discussion here about something I hope never happens to any of us. But unfortunately, it can.

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