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  • Volume 113, Issue 8 (August 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 8 (August 2023)

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    As insurance plans continue to refuse to negotiate with dentists, many in-network doctors have started to drop their dental insurance contracts.

    Why—and how—to drop a dental insurance contract

    As insurance plans continue to refuse to negotiate with dentists, many in-network doctors have started to drop their contracts and shift to a fee-for-service model. Learn more...
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    6 ways dental practice owners can maximize cash flow

    Aug. 29, 2023
    As interest rates continue to climb, dental practice owners are feeling the squeeze. Now is the time to look for ways to maximize your cash so you can continue to successfully...
    DE Advisory Board Amrita Patel
    Editorial Advisory Board

    DE Advisory Board Profile: Amrita R. Patel, DDS, FICD, FPFA

    Together with our publishing team, board members work to improve DE and make it an essential resource for dentists and the dental industry. This month's featured member is Amrita...
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    September is Office Manager Appreciation Month

    Aug. 25, 2023
    Office managers have a unique and important role in a dental practice. This September (and beyond), don't forget to show your appreciation!
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    The most valuable dental practice traits in a short-term transition or long-term partnership

    Dental practice consolidation is accelerating, and larger practices are still achieving multiple qualified bidders and record values across the country. Learn the practice traits...

    More content from Volume 113, Issue 8 (August 2023)

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    The fine line between good and great customer service

    Boosting customer service from "good" to "great" involves more than just employee attitudes. Many dentists don't realize that great customer service can only be delivered if it...
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    Implant dentistry: The next DSO darling

    If you are a dentist who attributes 20% or more of your revenue to implants and over $1.5M in total revenue, you have one of the most valuable dental practices in America today...
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    Practice Building 101: Strategies for generating internal referrals

    Aug. 22, 2023
    In dentistry, there is nothing better than internal referrals. Here are some proven strategies that will have them rolling in.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Rodin Sculpture 3D Resin by Pac-Dent

    I recently came across some photos of my dad’s dental office and his dentistry from the 1970s. Everything in the office is what you would expect from an office from that time:...
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    Storytelling: A powerful dental marketing strategy

    Aug. 22, 2023
    In today's crowded digital landscape, you need to find a way to set your dental practice apart. Marketing through storytelling is a great way to do that.
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    Using financial ratio analysis for better financial controls

    In this final article of an accounting series on using financial statements, the authors look at how the financial ratio analysis technique can help you pinpoint and monitor critical...
    Science & Tech

    EOCA: "Elegant" solutions for clear aligner therapy

    Dr. Joshua Austin discusses products and solutions regarding clear aligner therapy with Dr. David Penn, whose company, EOCA, Austin considers one of his "favorite underrated, ...
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    Patient Communication and Patient Financing

    Partnering with Gen Z patients to improve their oral and overall health

    Aug. 17, 2023
    According to this dentist, Gen Z doesn't entirely understand the oral-systemic connection. She's made it her mission to make sure they do, and here's how.
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    Back Pain

    Dental ergonomics: It's not just posture

    There's much more to dental ergonomics than your posture. It even involves office culture. This ergonomic expert dentist shares tips to keep you and your team pain-free.
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    Use laser technology to meet the demand for cosmetic dentistry

    Aug. 16, 2023
    Attractive smiles are all the rage, and this popularity is your chance to satisfy patients' desire and grow your business. Offering same-day smiles makes your practice even more...
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    The 5 Cs of credit for dental practice finance lending

    Aug. 16, 2023
    Dental practice owners are facing rising overhead, staff shortages, declining insurance reimbursements, and deteriorating economic indicators. Learn more about key lending criteria...
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    Science & Tech

    I have it—you want it! SimpliShade, GINGICaine, and Adhese Universal DC

    In this popular bimonthly feature, Dr. Glazer gives a quick review of three dental products on the market today.
    photo courtesy of Vista Apex
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Re-Gen Bioactive EndoSealer by Vista Apex

    No more accessory cones. No more spreaders. No more backfill. Re-Gen Bioactive EndoSealer, master cone, and done!
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    Science & Tech

    Does that tooth really need endo?

    When should you perform endodontic treatment versus pulp capping? Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his opinions and clinical conclusions based on decades of experience.
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    A marketing must for dental offices in 2023: Listing management

    Aug. 11, 2023
    You know you have an amazing dental practice, but new patients need help in finding you and liking what they see. Learn how to manage your online identity to make your practice...
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    August Murphy Art

    No more "playing it safe": Invest in your dental business

    Aug. 10, 2023
    Don't listen to all the conventional savings advice. Investing in your business will carry you to success, not saving and obsessing about the bottom line.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Cayster Collaboration with Ivoclar VivaScan

    While we can't quite see into the future, says Dr. Joshua Austin, technology from Cayster and Ivoclar can help stop future problems with our lab work before they ever happen.
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    Marketing tells the story of your dental practice.

    Editor's note: What's your story?

    The August 2023 issue of Dental Economics covers topics related to marketing your dental practice.
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    WTH is EBITDA—and why should you care?

    Aug. 8, 2023
    EBITDA is a mouthful, but it could be the key to creating generational wealth for your family. Here’s what you need to know about EBITDA and how to improve your profitability,...
    Hines Art
    Patient Communication and Patient Financing

    3 effective strategies for increasing all-on-X dental implant cases

    Aug. 7, 2023
    To increase all-on-X implant patients, your practice must implement effective marketing strategies: leveraging Google Ads lead generation, utilizing patient testimonials, and ...
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    Laser technology insights: The perfect laser wavelength for frenectomies

    Aug. 7, 2023
    Laser dentistry is a win-win for this dentist’s practice and his pediatric patients and their parents. By using a laser to treat tethered oral tissues, he is helping create a ...
    retrorocket / iStock / Getty Images Plus

    The advantages of being an on-time office—and how to become one

    Aug. 4, 2023
    Respecting your patients’ time is crucial for reducing stress and becoming more profitable. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your office is an on-time office.
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    Can you really make more while working with less?

    Aug. 4, 2023
    Want a profitable dental office? Today's times call for introspection, as well as some tips from other industries. Dr. David Phelps offers insights for having a more productive...
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    Technology Trends

    Bridging generational gaps in dentistry with AI and clinical automation

    Aug. 3, 2023
    A new generation of dentists is riding the AI wave and revolutionizing dentistry as they buy outdated practices. This change is benefitting both the industry and patients.
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    Add value for patients with integrated treatment, xylitol, and education

    What does added value look like for your practice? This dentist explains how patient education, xylitol, and integrated treatment have helped his practice weather the economic...