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  • Volume 113, Issue 1 (January 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 1 (January 2023)

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    3 ways to create joy in the dental workplace

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work in a dental practice where joy is evident? Here are some ways you can connect with team members and foster a spirit of joy.
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    An out-of-the-box solution to dental staffing issues

    Dr. Joshua Austin chats with Dr. Ashish Patel, who shares how remote workers have become a great asset for him in getting through the dental staffing shortage.
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    A hopeful look at the new year

    Are you a bit antsy about the coming year? Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz shares some good news to help you and your practice see the new year in a positive light.
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    Infinix Restorative Products 3 Products
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Infinix Universal Composite by Nobio

    Learn about this resin composite material that gives durable results to high-caries-risk patients.
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    How good is your case acceptance, really?

    When asked about their practice's case acceptance rate, many dentists quote the rate for low-cost services. But is that accurate?

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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Valo X by Ultradent

    Joshua Austin says there is no more important piece of equipment in a modern dental practice than a curing light and that Valo X is an "amazing choice" as a practice's workhorse...
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    Put it in writing: An effective strategy for achieving practice goals

    Jan. 20, 2023
    At the start of each new year, all practice owners have the best intentions of meeting new goals but often end up falling short. This year, try putting your goals in writing to...
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    How to protect—or even grow—profit margins during times of high inflation

    Jan. 19, 2023
    Inflation, dentistry, and ... lemonade? Learn how this author's first lessons from childhood about running a business can help you make prudent choices now.
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    How Darwin can prepare dentists for 2023

    Jan. 18, 2023
    Given the extreme changes in the last few years and the likelihood of more upheaval, you need to be able to anticipate changes and develop strategies to respond to those changes...
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    The Advisor Advantage: 2023 M&A market predictions

    Advisor Kevin Cumbus has some advice for those looking to sell in 2023: act now. The market is frothy with buyers and Q1 of 2023 promises to be a buying frenzy.
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    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Filtek Matrix by 3M

    Learn why Dr. Joshua Austin touts this product as "a great choice for cases where we want to go above and beyond for tremendous esthetic results."
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    How to keep inflation from destroying your future

    Jan. 18, 2023
    David Phelps, DDS, provides ideas to take control of your financial future in a time of inflation so that you can enjoy a worry-free retirement lifestyle in the years ahead.
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    Professional Trends

    The 2023 Dental Salary Report: Results are in!

    Jan. 12, 2023
    How did the staffing crisis impact dentistry? Who might be quitting their jobs this year? Learn this and more in our exclusive coverage of the 2023 DentalPost Salary Survey Report...
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    DSOs: The devil is in the details

    In this series, Dr. Roland Caire, Jr., explores the many facets of DSOs: the good, the bad, and the ugly. In this installment, learn about some of DSOs' advantages and how those...
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    New Dentists

    Private practice purchase guidelines for today’s new dentists

    Rising dental school debt, interest rates, and inflation have changed the game—but owning your own practice is still possible. Here’s how.
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    Practicing dentistry during an unprecedented economic period

    Few dentists today have worked in an inflationary period such as the one we’re currently in. What’s the best way forward?
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    Science & Tech

    Successful cementing of zirconia crowns: Still a problem

    The frustrating challenge of zirconia crowns coming off continues to be a significant problem in dentistry. Dr. Gordon Christensen suggests several methods to reduce or eliminate...
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    Selling to a corporate buyer: Risks and benefits

    Selling a private practice to a corporate buyer has its benefits and risks. Recognizing and managing the risks up front is essential for a successful practice transfer.
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    Science & Tech

    Clinical case studies: Restoring posterior caries lesions on high-caries-risk patients with a glass-hybrid restorative material

    In these case studies, Drs. Douglas A. Young and Michael D. Nelson share best practices for restoring high-caries-risk patients using a glass-hybrid restorative material.
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    Overhead and Profitability

    4 ways to combat economic impacts to your practice

    US inflation is increasing at about 8% annually. This is significant for practices, but it's not all doom and gloom—there are commonsense strategies that can help you increase...