Gallery: You'll be California Dreamin' about this office space

Aug. 18, 2022
Who doesn’t enjoy admiring and learning from the attractive office spaces of other successful dentists? Take a few minutes to admire these photos of Dr. Sara Davidson’s California office.

The beauty of a nicely decorated and ideally laid out dental office cannot be overstated. Patients enjoy the décor, and staff have the benefit of working in an efficient and comfortable space.

We invited Dental Economics readers to send photos and information about their well-appointed offices. Enjoy this gallery from Dr. Sara Davidson, owner of Walnut Creek Dental Studio in Walnut Creek, California.

Dr. Davidson opened her practice in Walnut Creek in December 2020 after previously serving patients in Manhattan and San Francisco. The office was redesigned in 2021.

“Our practice's goal is to help people enjoy visiting the dentist, as difficult as that might be to imagine,” Dr. Davidson said. She feels her practice has met that goal, and the happy patients reflect that.

Her advice for those remodeling their practice? "First define your values and mission, and then think about the patient experience that you want to achieve. Your design should flow naturally from these decisions."

To submit your own office to be featured in a gallery on, visit Now's our chance to show off your office!

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