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Maximize Dental Membership Plan Performance Through Practice Management Integration

March 1, 2024

How your patients access dental care is the foundation of practice performance. Today, the practices leaning into subscription dentistry via in house dental membership plans are able to better engage their uninsured and fee-for-service patients, driving greater business results. 

It’s a simple concept — patients get access to the care and treatment that they want and need, while your practice revenue is based on the full scope of treatment and services that you provide. 

dental membership plan platform, such as Kleer, can better support this initiative by helping dental teams avoid allocating time and resources towards developing a comprehensive enrollment, tracking, and reporting workflow, in addition to managing compliance. 

An ideal solution will also be able to sync directly with your practice management software. In this article, we explain what dental membership plan integration is, how it can maximize patient engagement and drive practice results. 

What is dental membership plan integration? 

Dental membership plan integration is the process of enabling patient data to flow seamlessly between your practice management software and your membership platform. This means patients' personal information (full name, email, address, and phone), payments, benefits, and more can be accessed easily across systems. 

What is the importance of dental membership plan integration for practice management?

Although membership plans can create great results, when not integrated, they are burdened with manual tasks that can impact team productivity. Posting subscription payments, enrolling patients, and tracking benefits are all critical aspects of any membership plan. 

Integrated membership platforms like Kleer eliminates these time-consuming tasks so your team can focus on patient care.

●  Automatically post subscription payments and balance transactions in your PMS 
●  Pull patient data from your PMS to complete patient enrollment fields
●  Track membership plan benefits so that your team can easily verify patient eligibility for exams and treatment. 
●  Automate marketing and communications to maximize enrollment, patient visits, and reappointments. 

Learn more about Kleer Intelligence™, Kleer’s proprietary practice management integration solution. 

Why dental membership plan integration is crucial for patient engagement

Even without direct integration, as you begin enrolling patients into a membership plan it has a wide-spread impact on patient visits and recare. When compared to your uninsured and fee-for-service patients, you can expect membership plan patients to:

●  Visit 100% more often 
●  Accept 145% more treatment 
●  Generate 172% more production

We’ve broken down the data for you in this dental membership plan impact report. 

As any marketing consultant will tell you reengaging existing patients is low-cost and more effective than trying to attract new ones. Platforms like Kleer can automatically identify and market to uninsured and dormant patients in your database who are a good fit for your plan. This technology has enabled practices to increase membership plan sales and enrollment by 55% — leading to greater patient engagement and a strengthened commitment to their practice. 

See how Kleer can enhance the power of your membership plan through text and emails. 

Enjoy seamless integration with your PMS system using Kleer

Membership plan integration is an essential component of running a high-performing plan with minimal effort. The Kleer platform integrates with over 90% PMS solutions including, Eaglesoft, Opendental, and Dentrix to improve membership management, tracking, and results. 

Whether you’re a dentist with one location, multiple locations, or you’re a DSO with many offices, Kleer’s software is customizable and configurable — helping you improve patient access to care and build a better, more profitable practice.

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