G-ænial Universal Injectable: A composite that elevates your Class II restorations

Feb. 9, 2020
Chris Salierno, DDS, speaks with Robert Maurs, DDS, about G-ænial Universal Injectable.

Class II composite restorations continue to have an essential place in today's in general dental practices. But as new technology hits the dental market, is there a way to make these procedures more efficient, effective, and enjoyable? For GC America, the answer to this question is yes.

At the 2019 Greater New York Dental Meeting, GC America showcased its G-ænial Universal Injectable, a universal light-cured radiopaque injectable composite. In this video, Chris Salierno, DDS, chief editor of Dental Economics, speaks with Robert Maurs, DDS, about this unique product.


G-ænial Bulk Injectable and G-ænial Universal Injectable | A review by Howard Glazer, DDS