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Feb. 1, 2011
The new Cavitron® Focused Spray® slimLINE® 1000 ultrasonic insert from DENTSPLY Professional

Dr. Joe Blaes

The new Cavitron® Focused Spray® slimLINE® 1000 ultrasonic insert from DENTSPLY Professional - Based on feedback from hygienists who say they want thinner insert tips that can deliver better access in difficult-to-reach areas, Cavitron® combined the best features of the Focused Spray® and slimLINE technologies to produce the Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 insert. The Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 insert combines the bend profile and beveled edge of a 1000 design with the slim tip of the slimLINE design. This makes it ideal for dentists and hygienists looking for better ultrasonic access to interproximal and subgingival areas, and who appreciate the line-angle adaptation of 1000-design instruments to efficiently remove deposits. The result is a thinner tip that allows for improved access in hard-to-reach areas, including challenging subgingival areas, with minimal tissue distention for greater patient comfort. The Focused Spray slimLINE 1000 can be used for light to moderate deposits at low to high power settings. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.
Periodontal Disease and Overall Health: A Clinician's Guide (funded through an educational grant provided by Colgate-Palmolive) - Ultimately, the textbook is meant to serve as a guide to continue the advancement of dental and medical practices and improve patient outcomes worldwide. The book is available online for all dental and medical professionals and can be downloaded at Hardcopies are being distributed to dental school deans, academic deans, department of periodontics chairpersons, and directors of dental hygiene education programs. Additionally, CDs of this textbook are being distributed to dental school and dental hygiene school students and faculty. To learn more about the oral systemic health topic, visit
ZEN Cordless Prophy from Discus - In November 2009 I had the privilege to visit Discus for two days. The invitation came right from the top - CEO Steve Semmelmayer. I was treated to two days of visits at the Discus manufacturing site and a full day of seeing and using the new innovative products that were going to be launched in 2010. One of the most exciting products for me was the ZEN. For years I have watched my hygienists struggle with their prophy angles. I have bought a lot of equipment trying to solve their dilemmas of weight, and the cord attachment that gets tangled, twisted, and pinched, to no avail. Now, Discus introduces ZEN, the most innovative polishing system ever, a cordless yet powerful prophy that totally eliminates cord clutter and drag. Its lightweight design and wireless foot pedal deliver ergonomic advantages that will be felt immediately. The advanced lithium battery provides the power to last all day, while the autoclavable barrier shells and disposable angles address infection control concerns. The ZEN handpiece feels like it was made for you. Hygienists have been looking for a lighter handpiece for a long time, and ZEN is 16 grams lighter than the market leader. The handpiece is balanced, comfortable, and secure, and the form-fitting, sure-grip barrier shell means a slippery barrier "baggie" will never have to be used again. Hygienists can hold it in a more natural and neutral position without fighting cord drag, so stress and fatigue are reduced. Another first, ZEN is virtually maintenance-free, so no more lubricating or reconditioning. With its ergonomically advanced handpiece and cordless design, ZEN brings a dramatic new level of comfort and performance to the operatory. The innovative motor and lithium battery offer the power you're accustomed to. Doctor, if you want to really score points with your hygienists and assistants, buy a ZEN for all your treatment rooms and think of all the money you'll save on handpiece maintenance. Order by calling (800) 422-9448, or visit for more information.
A new system from DENTSPLY International and GlaxoSmithKline - DENTSPLY's NUPRO brand and GSK's Sensodyne brand have come together to create an effective system for the continuous care of tooth sensitivity, from the dental office to everyday home use. This collaboration is based on NovaMin's unique patented, calcium phosphate technology originally invented to treat damaged bones. It has been adapted for use in dental care and is clinically proven to relieve dentin hypersensitivity. Combining NUPRO and the therapeutic benefits of NovaMin with Sensodyne's choice of consumer products resulted in a new system of continuous care from the dental office to the patient's home to offer relief from the pain of sensitive teeth. This new system of continuous care has three distinct products, which include: 1) The proven performance of NUPRO powered by NovaMin combined with Sensodyne to create a dental office NUPRO Sensodyne Prophy Paste that provides immediate relief from tooth sensitivity. 2) Sensodyne NUPRO Professional Toothpaste, which allows dental professionals to dispense a toothpaste with NovaMin for patients to take home and use every day. This toothpaste combines the benefits of high fluoride for enamel and dentin remineralization with the patented NovaMin technology. 3) Sensodyne OTC toothpaste, which has long been recommended by dental experts and is widely preferred by consumers for the everyday management of tooth sensitivity. This partnership is offering consumers a new solution for the one in three people who experience sensitive teeth and need greater protection. Patients can now expect an effective system of continuous care from the dental office to their homes. Call (800) 989-8826 or visit for more information.

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