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July 1, 2006
Repackaging for three great products from Kerr Dental - Say goodbye to the messy tubes you have used to dispense TempBond® in your practice.
TempBond cements by Kerr Dental
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Repackaging for three great products from Kerr Dental - Say goodbye to the messy tubes you have used to dispense TempBond® in your practice. My assistants are thrilled to be rid of them. Kerr has put TempBond into a new automix syringe. Now it is as simple to use as putting a mixing tip on the syringe and dispensing TempBond into that temporary you want to cement. Another item on the list of repackaged products is TempBond® NE. It, too, has been placed in an automix syringe that gives you easy placement into temps for cementation without eugenol. And finally, a great product that some of you may not know about - TempBond® Clear - is in the new automix syringe as well. TempBond Clear is used for cementing esthetic provisionals. It is a resin cement, so you must be careful where you use it. If you have placed a composite buildup or left some composite in the tooth, you must use a separating medium on the composite to prevent the resin cement from pulling it out when you remove the temp. TempBond Clear is my choice for cementing a single veneer temp. These are the TempBond products you have trusted for years in a brand-new automix syringe that you will love to use. These three products offer the perfect formulation for every clinical situation. If you prefer, TempBond and TempBond NE products also are available in single-patient Unidose packets. Use it once and throw it away! Order these products from your dealer. Visit for more information on these and other Kerr products.

IPS Empress SMILE Patient Marketing Kit by Ivoclar Viadent
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IPS Empress SMILE Patient Marketing Kit by Ivoclar Vivadent - This new marketing kit includes everything you need to tell your patients about the great new options available in your dental practice. I could not believe the price of this outstanding kit. I have seen several cosmetic marketing kits offered for several hundred dollars, and even some for more than $1,000, but Ivoclar Vivadent has produced this kit for only $60. It includes: 1) patient information brochures with seven SMILE stories your patients will want to read. The stories and the before-and-after photos can create a genuine interest in changing their smiles; 2) a SMILE poster to draw attention to what you do in your practice. The seven winners of the Cover Model Mania contest show off their great new smiles; 3) a counter card to also tell people visiting your practice that you have options to enhance their smiles; and 4) a special DVD - your patients will hear about the life-altering SMILE makeovers firsthand from the winners. Their stories will inspire your patients because each experience has touched the winner’s life in a profound and unique way. Order by calling (800) 533-6825.

Universal composite instrument “TN008” from Garrison Dental Solutions -

TN008 universal composite instrument by Garrison Dental Solutions
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This new instrument has been nicknamed “The Skippy Special” to honor Dr. Schuyler “Skip” VanGorden, who was the driving force behind producing this special composite instrument. The Skippy Special has a unique five-in-one design that has become Garrison’s most popular instrument ever! The design features include: 1) two sizes of condensers with a couple of special features built into them. The very slightly rounded tips optimize the “tamping” ability of the tip without simply poking holes in the composite; 2) condensers, which also act as contact formers to hold the band tight against the adjacent tooth without fear of being “locked” in the composite; 3) a ball burnisher for smoothing and spreading composite to develop occlusal contours while curing; 4) a longer blade for applying and shaping composite that is not too thick or too thin; and 5) an Acorn Carver perfectly shaped for excellent occlusal contours. The point is rounded to soften the occlusal grooves; the angle has been modified and has been placed on an extension to be more user friendly. This is the perfect instrument for the placement of composite. Once you try it, you will want extras for all your setups. To order, call Garrison Dental Solutions at (888) 437-0032.

e9800 Elite Custom Care System by Philips Sonicare
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Philips Sonicare Elite e9800 Custom Care System - This new brush from Sonicare seems to have it all. The company listened to dentists, hygienists, and patients when redesigning this brush. The new Sonicare Elite e9800 is designed with the innovative Custom Care System that allows you to select two different brush head sizes (standard and compact) and two different cleaning modes (max and gentle). While the standard brush head is ideal for a complete cleaning, the new compact brush head is optimal for targeted cleaning. It is 30 percent smaller than the standard brush head, and provides superior reach into the posterior and hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. This results in more posterior interproximal plaque removal than a standard Elite brush head. Sonicare listened again, particularly to our patients who suffer from sensitivity while brushing. The two cleaning modes provide improved customization - max mode can be used for a thorough everyday cleaning, and gentle mode can be used for sensitive areas of the mouth. I have one and hope you will try the new Sonicare Elite e9800 Custom Care System. It is ideal for all patients because it is safe and gentle on dentin and the gingival tissues, and will encourage good patient compliance. For more information about the exclusive professional dispensing model for dental professionals, visit or call (800) 676-SONIC (7664).

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