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March 1, 2001
Now there's a mouthguard tooth-bleaching system that dispenses a professional-quality bleaching gel via a convenient set of syringes similar to those offered by a dentist. This clinically proven bleaching kit uses Rembrandt Lighten Bleaching Gel, the first ADA Accepted bleaching formula used by dentists, but in a lower concentration.

Mouthguard tooth-bleaching system

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Now there's a mouthguard tooth-bleaching system that dispenses a professional-quality bleaching gel via a convenient set of syringes similar to those offered by a dentist. This clinically proven bleaching kit uses Rembrandt Lighten Bleaching Gel, the first ADA Accepted bleaching formula used by dentists, but in a lower concentration.

The Rembrandt Plus Superior Bleaching System has a unique formulation that contains syringe-dispensed peroxide, allowing for stain removal and maximum whitening results without abrasion.

For additional information, contact Rembrandt Oral Care Products at (800) 548-3663 or visit the company's Web site at

HELIODENT Vario intraoral imaging system

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HELIODENT Vario, available from Sirona USA, is designed to meet all operatory needs. The product features three support arms, ranging from short to long, for optimal patient positioning; three assembly versions, based on the dentist's unique needs; and, as an added bonus, one-button switching between film and digital applications.

For additional information on the HELIODENT Vario, see your authorized dental dealer or circle the number below. Optional accessories are available.

Heliomolar? HB

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Heliomolar®, available from Vivadent, is available now in a new heavy-bodied, packable consistency and is indicated for posterior restorations. It demonstrates very low sensitivity to ambient light, providing the dentist with adequate working time.

Heliomolar® HB is available in nine shades, including seven Vita shades (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C2, D2) and two enamel shades 110T and 420T (white and grey). It is available in both a screw-type syringe and a new heavy-body cavifil delivery.

For more information on Heliomolar® HB, call (800) 533-6825 in the U.S., (800) 263-8182 in Canada, or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Virtuoso? Phase II curing light

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Den-Mat Corporation introduces a new light system that will transform any dental practice into a complete cosmetic dental center. The Virtuoso Phase II provides superior high-speed curing and bleaching that will increase efficiency and revenue. The Phase II cures in five seconds with a high-intensity output.

The small, lightweight Virtuoso™ Phase II Curing System is conveniently versatile. The sleek handpiece allows selection of curing times and directly activates the light. It also eliminates the need for a noisy fan blowing hot air, increasing patient comfort.

For more information, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 433-6628.

IntegraBond Professional Starter Kit

Premier Dental Products Company introduces the IntegraBond Professional Starter Kit at a low introductory price. It is said to save time by combining the priming and bonding in a single step. Based upon a proven acetone-based formulation, IntegraBond provides over 20 MPa of sheer bond strength to moist dentin and is reported to have extremely low film thickness - 10 microns.

Ideal for use with all composite materials and resin cements, IntegraBond is said to establish an ideal hybrid zone by wetting dentin, without collapsing the fragile collagen fibrils.

The starter kit contains IntegraBond plus Auto-Cure Activator (for use with autocured composites) and is available through authorized dealers.

For more information, visit the company's Web site at

Gluma Product Reference Guide available

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Heraeus Kulzer announces the availability of the Gluma Product Reference Guide. It graphically denotes the uses for the various Gluma products, including bonding, densensitizing, and etching. The Gluma line of products now includes Gluma Comfort Bond+ Desensitizer, Gluma Comfort Bond, Gluma Desensitizer, Gluma Solid Bond, and Gluma Etch.

The guide in-cludes a complete list of uses and features for each product in the line.

To obtain a free copy of the guide, fax your request to (219) 299-6616. Multiple copies are available.

Endo DTC

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Aseptico, Inc. launches its new, American-made Endo DTC (Digital Torque Control), model AEU-25. The Endo DTC features an accurate, torque-measuring system that automatically reverses file rotation to minimize instrument breakage and reduce procedure times. An on-board calibration system measures the qualities of the handpiece and motor being used to ensure accurate operation. Five fully programmable preset locations are available. The Endo DTC is fully compatible with all rotary files on the market. The unit includes Aseptico's autoclavable brushless 30,000 rpm motor and on/off footswitch.

For additional information, contact Aseptico, Inc. at (800) 426-5913 or visit

Expa-syl paste

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Expa-syl, from SDS Kerr, is a viscous, rigid paste used for gingival retraction that ensures separation of the marginal gingiva and drying of the sulcus. It is a quick, safe, and virtually painless alternative to packing cord. Expa-syl is injected directly into the sulcus, left in place for one to two minutes and then thoroughly rinsed. The result is a dry, retracted sulcus, ready for taking impressions. Expa-syl also offers comprehensive hemostasis.

To experience the difference, contact your authorized Kerr dealer or call (800) KERR-123.

Colgate? Total? Plus Whitening

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Colgate® Total® Plus Whitening toothpaste is said to be the only toothpaste clinically proven to whiten teeth and also provide 12-hour protection that helps fight cavities, prevent gingivitis, reduce plaque, control calculus buildup, and fight bad breath.

Colgate® Total® Plus Whitening delivers the same therapeutic benefits as original Colgate® Total®, but also contains a special cleaning and polishing agent that gently removes surface stains to whiten teeth.

Colgate® Total® Plus Whitening is said to be the first and only whitening toothpaste approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help prevent gingivitis and plaque, in addition to cavities.

For more information about Colgate-Palmolive and its products, visit

Delton? FS+ Syringe Delivery System

Dentsply Professional introduces the Delton FS+ Syringe Delivery System. This new syringe delivery system offers all the benefits of the pit & fissure sealant with a new disposable brush tip that improves maneuverability and placement of the sealant during application.

The Delton FS+ Syringe Delivery System offers less material waste, improved occlusal wear characteristics and proven fluoride release (with fluoride present in both the glass filler and resin material). The syringes are available in two kit configurations.

For additional information, contact your authorized Dentsply Professional* distributor, call (800) 989-8826 or visit *Dentsply Professional is the result of a merger of the Preventive Care and Midwest divisions, effective Jan. 1, 2001. With the merger, Dentsply Professional has created a sales force of more than 50 experienced, highly skilled territory managers. In addition, the division features six dental hygienists who conduct ADA and AGD-certified product training for the dental professional.

dental air force: home dental-cleaning system

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The dental air force home dental-cleaning system uses a precision jet of air, water, and dental cleaner to remove plaque and odor from teeth, in between teeth and around the gum line. It is effective for crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances. The electrical system is a brushless approach to daily home cleanings. Dental cleaner is consistently dispensed. The formula contains sodium bicarbonate and is free of sodium laurel sulfate.

An introductory pack of one appliance, 76 individual user tips, and 224 dental cleaner cups is available to dentists for office demonstrations.

Call air force inc. at (616) 399-8511 or visit

ViscoStat? Plus

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ViscoStat® Plus is the latest addition to the Ultradent Tissue Management System. ViscoStat® Plus is designed to effectively and predictably control capillary bleeding and sulcular fluids during crucial procedures.

Water-soluble ViscoStat® Plus has all the advantages and characteristics of ViscoStat®, but now with the added benefits of easier removal from the procedural site and a noticeably less bitter taste.

For additional information about ViscoStat® Plus, or to receive a free sample, contact Ultradent Products, Inc. at (800) 552-5512 or visit

Ergonomic toothbrush and utensil grip

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Brickroth, Inc., has designed a highly durable and versatile ergonomic grip designed to easily modify the handles of toothbrushes, hygiene items, and utensils. It enables patients with manual-dexterity limitations to perform proper dental hygiene and other daily tasks. Finger grooves offer stability and comfort by transferring pressure from the joints to the palm and forearm.

The Gripeez can be washed manually or in the dishwasher.

For more information, contact Brickroth Inc. at (888) 830-4747 or visit

Oral Defense?

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Developed by dentists, Oral Defense™ is said to be the only toothpaste that combines powerful antimicrobial action in a gentle, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free formula. Dental patients switching to Oral Defense™ are shown to have a significant and almost immediate improvement to the condition of their gums. Oral Defense™ Rinse is designed to work with the toothpaste. It features an antibacterial formulation and is alcohol-free.

For free samples and additional information, contact BioGlove at (800) 355-9621.

Patient satisfaction survey

Press, Ganey Associates introduces QUALIDENT, a new patient satisfaction survey for dental health-care professionals.

The dental survey is for select dentists interested in an on-going quality assurance program essential for improved dental healthcare within their practice. QUALIDENT surveys are scientifically developed to accurately measure your patients' satisfaction. The reports are said to be comprehensive, reliable, easy to read and use. You will receive valuable information about how your patients perceive the quality of care, along with feedback on your staff and office procedures.

For details, call Press, Ganey Associates Inc. at (800) 232-8032, (219) 271-9940 or visit


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Whip Mix Cor-poration's new Vapor Jet is a high-pressure, air/water spray gun designed to perform many functions of the steam cleaner and ultrasonic without leaving your work station. Connected to your lab's pressurized air line, the VaporJet, with dual-action trigger, sprays either a super-charged air and water vapor or just air, to perform a variety of cleaning tasks. It instantly removes indicating sprays and liquids, metal shavings, porcelain dust, and stone slurry from models and restorations, saving numerous trips to the sink. The VaporJet also is ideal for cooling metal and wax for faster handling and wetting impressions with Smoothex Debubblizer prior to pouring models. From impression to final quality check and every step in between, technicians will appreciate the VaporJet's powerful cleaning action.

Intro offer: Buy one VaporJet, receive one can of CheckMate Green Indicator Spray, plus one pint bottle of Smoothex Debubblizer free.

For more information or to place an order, contact your dealer or call Whip Mix at (800) 626-5651 or visit

Renamel? organizes your composites

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Cosmedent, Inc. has made searching for the right syringe of composite easier. Now the dentist can conveniently select the proper shade even from a composite organizer. All Renamel® products have been laser-imprinted with the proper shade on the screw handles, sides and top, making clear visibility from all angles. This eliminates confusion and saves valuable chair time. The screw handles are also color-coded for all the Renamel® Restorative System.

For more information, call Cosmedent, Inc. at (800) 621-6729.

Core Paste Syringeable

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New Core Paste Syringeable, Den-Mat's syringeable core built-up material, is a creamy radiopaque paste developed specifically for high-strength, reliable core build-ups under fixed prosthesis when there is insufficient coronal tooth structure available. The material can be applied in core build-up, integral post and core procedures, cementation of posts, and in the repairing and preventing of split roots.

Core Paste Syringeable has a dual-cartridge system and auto-mixing tips. The fast, easy dispensing method requires no mixing, creates no mess, and enables clinicians to produce consistent core build-ups every time. With its one appointment post, Core Paste Syringeable eliminates the need for cast post. To speed porcedures, Core Paste Syringeable is available in self- or dual-cure forms for use with a curing light.

Core Paste Syringeable is available in various colors, readily distinguishable from tooth structure. It also enhances the esthetics of translucent restorations.

For more details, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 548-3663 or visit

Junior toothbrush with toy brush cap

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J-Pak is a toothbrush pack that is designed for children under the age of 8. Each pack contains a compact junior toothbrush with extra-soft bristles, a toy brush cap to protect brush head, and a hang loop with nametag. Each box contains 50 packs, four designs assorted.

For more information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

QualiTouch? L/R Latex Procedure Gloves

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Manufactured on anatomically correct formers that simulate the natural curves of the relaxed hand, these new gloves offer dental professionals a comfortable alternative to ambidextrous exam gloves. Available in seven sizes for a precise fit, they are recommended for use during longer procedures to reduce the hand stress and fatigue some wearers experience with ambidextrous exam gloves.

QualiTouch® L/R Latex Procedure Gloves are powder-free to eliminate any concerns about powder trails in the dental office or on clothes. They also have a textured finish to improve wet grip.

For samples or more details, contact a SmartPractice® glove specialist at (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

Dental Business Symposium Library

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Linda Miles presents her Denal Business Symposium Library. This dynamic series includes nine video cassettes, any one of which can revolutionize your practice! Collectively, these tapes are second only to a Miles & Associates in-office consultation. Linda's recommendations will improve scheduling, productivity, collections, reduce daily stress, improve patient retention, and increase case acceptance.

For more information about purchasing the Dental Business Library at a special introductory price, call Miles & Associates at (800) 922-0866.

Partner Store open on the Web

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As a service to its growing network of international distributors, Handpiece Headquarters is providing a complete catalog of dental handpiece parts, services, and tools together with on-line ordering, tracking, and other support services on its Web site at

Click the "Partner Store" tab on the home page.

For more details, call (800) 557-7867.

Ultra DC?k flowmeter

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The Ultra DC™ is designed for the clinician preferring the conventional method of establishing N2O and O2 settings, and the desire for state-of-the-art innovation. The unit combines efficient operation with optimal safety and its revolutionary styling complements modern operatory environments.

Flowmeter has an N2O Lock™ that prevents unauthorized use of nitrous oxide, however, oxygen still is available even when the lock is engaged. A built-in oxygen fail-safe prevents the O2 concentration from dropping below 30 percent and a fail-safe discontinues nitrous-oxide flow if the oxygen supply is interrupted.

For additional information, contact Accutron Inc. at (800) 531-2221 or visit

Abrasion-resistant mouth mirror

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The CrystalAir™ Abrasion Resistant Mirror, manufactured by Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc., now has a lifetime warranty. The mirror features a proprietary coating that is impervious to the indirect stream of aluminum-oxide particles used in air-abrasion procedures.

The mirror housing and stem are stainless steel, fully autoclavable, and gold-plated. A deluxe, lightweight, gold-anodized handle is included.

For additional information, contact Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc. at (888) 264-4337 or visit

Hibiclens? skin cleaners

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Building on a heritage of leadership in the powder-free surgical glove market with its popular Biogel brand, Regent Medical is setting new standards in protection with the recent acquisition of the Hibiclens® brand of antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleansers.

Hibiclens® contains chlorhexidine gluconate and is an effective antimicrobial agent with rapid bactericidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It can be used many times a day without dryness or discomfort. Indications for use include surgical hand scrub; preoperative, whole-body wash; and general skin cleanser.

For more information about Regent Medical's full line of Hibiclens® products, call (800) 843-8497 or visit

Fiber-optic repairs

Score International, Inc. introduces Fiber Optic Repairs to its Highspeed Solutions-Handpiece Repair Department. The average turnaround for fiber-optic repairs is one to two weeks. Fiber-optic repairs are available for Kavo, Star, NSK, Bien Air, and Midwest highspeed models and Kavo slowspeed and scaler models. Look for more brands and models to be added to the repair service in the future.

For more information and a free estimate, call Score Handpiece, Inc. at (800) 726-7365 or send your handpieces to 411 Central Park Drive, Sanford, FL 32771.

Glitz prophy paste

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Glitz prophy paste adds dotz, an innovation that relieves hand fatigue. Double-sticky dotz adhere the cup to the glove for the operator's comfort. Glitz flavors - chocolate fudge, blueberry muffin, strawberry jam, and intense peppermint - are available coarse or regular. The formulation contains a combination of pumice and organic solvents to speed stain removal while improving the properties of nonsplattering, easy rinsing, and brilliant polishing. Hygienists save time and patients love the taste.

For more details, call (888) 667-9475 or e-mail [email protected] for samples.

0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

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Denti-Care's® 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse is formulated to provide an extra short-term boost in the reduction of tissue inflammation, bleeding, and plaque accumulation. Used in conjunction with home-care programs, Denti-Care's® Chlorhexidine rinse may be used for the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, oral irrigation (both in office and home), post-operative healing, and to reduce inflammation prior to planned dental procedures.

Denti-Care's® Chlorhexidine rinse is flavored in a mild and pleasant mint formula to provide maximum comfort for sensitive patients. It is packaged in a convenient, 16-oz. bottle for home use and a new one-gallon bottle for in-office irrigation and prerinsing.

A special introductory buy three cases, get one free promotional offer is available. Contact your local dealer to place your order. For product information, contact Medicom at (800) 435-9267 or visit the company's Web site at

Crystal Clear? Marketing System

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Keller Laboratories, Inc. introduces the Crystal Clear® Marketing System to help dentists increase patient satisfaction and grow their practice with Crystal Clear® premium bite splints. The system was developed in response to doctors' requests for help in alerting patients to the dangers of bruxing and clenching, and educating them about the treatment.

The marketing system contains all the necessary tools for the doctor and his team to effectively market Crystal Clear® splints. The Patient Brochures, for the reception area, are designed to prompt patients to ask about bite splints. Samples of the Crystal Clear® and Crystal Clear® Soft splints are included to show patients. The bitesplints are prescribed by dentists and are custom-made to fit snuggly over the patient's teeth.

For more information, contact Keller Laboratories, Inc. at (314) 919-4000.

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