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Rembrandt 3-in-1 combination delivers the best of brush-in bleaching
Rembrandt wants you to have it all! New Rembrandt 3-in-1 combines a fluoride toothpaste, bleaching gel, and whitening rinse to not only whiten teeth, but provide superior overall oral care. Rembrandt 3-in-1, with its uniquely powerful combination of a whitening rinse and bleaching gel, provides significant tooth-bleaching results with just regular brushings. It is also ideal for everyday use, fighting cavities, plaque, gum disease, and bad breath.

Rembrandt 3-in-1 contains a low abrasion, whitening-toothpaste formula complete with fluoride. Rembrandt's patented Citroxain® ingredient, derived from a papaya enzyme, works to not only remove stain but whiten the actual color of teeth.

Rembrandt 3-in-1's gel contains soluble, Bioavailable™ peroxide, allowing for maximum whitening results with very low abrasion. Its unique asset is its whitening mouthrinse ingredient. Also containing peroxide, the rinse works to whiten teeth by fighting the plaque and bacteria build-up that causes gingivitis and other gum disease.

For additional information, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 548-3663.

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Protemp™ 3 Garant™ Temporization Material
3M ESPE introduces a third-generation strong and durable product from its respected Protemp brand: Protemp™ 3 Garant™ Temporization Material for temporary crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, and veneers.

Designed for fabricating custom-made, short-term temporary restorations chairside, Protemp™ 3 Garant™ temporization material is a bis-acrylic material that offers higher strength than its predecessors, and maintains the important Protemp™ family attributes: precision fit, outstanding esthetics, biocompatibility, and easy handling and application.

With a choice of four shades (including a new bleach shade), Protemp™ 3 Garant™ temporization material makes it easy to achieve excellent color match.

For additional information, call 3M ESPE at (800) 634-2249 or visit

Butler GUM® Protect™ Toothbrush
Finally, a real breakthrough ... the first replaceable head toothbrush with antibacterial bristles. Features of the Protect™ Toothbrush include its unique design; patented antibacterial bristles; and three replaceable heads provide a total of 90 days of continual antibacterial protection.

Benefits include the peace-of-mind of a cleaner brush; having replacement brush heads available at home would increase compliance; it gently cleans below the gumline; and effectively cleans between teeth.

For additional information, contact John O. Butler Company at (800) JBUTLER or visit

'The Perfect Touch' promotion runs through Nov. 30
'The Perfect Touch' promotion, available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers, features these Hu-Friedy quality products: Hu-Friedy Scalers, Curettes, and Ultrasonic Inserts.

Included in the promotion is Hu-Friedy's new resin handle, ResinEight, which is available for all popular scaler and curette designs. With this lightweight, large-diameter handle, Hu-Friedy now has five different handle options for its scalers and curettes. ResinEight features a steel inner core design for added strength and tactile sensitivity.

For complete details on this promotion and a redemption coupon, contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative or call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

Orbit helps keep teeth clean
Gum chewing triples the normal flow of mineral-rich saliva, even in hard-to-reach areas. This helps to: flush out food particles from between teeth; remineralize and strengthen teeth because it's saturated with calcium and phosphate and contains fluoride; neutralize harmful plaque acids and create a healthy environment for teeth; and provide welcome relief of dry mouth.

Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are important for good oral health.

For more information, visit

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Poster is free when you buy whitening kit
Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions announces the availability of a poster, free with the purchase of an At-Home 30% Whitening Kit. The poster provides a stylish, yet practical way to increase whitening cases. Patients will easily identify with the light-hearted content, attractive look, and before-and-after photograph. The kit also includes counter cards, patient brochures, statement stuffers, and buttons.

Dentists were polled to find out what would be most helpful in a poster. The result is a poster that promotes smiling, is attractive, is light-hearted, and includes a before-and-after shot.

For more information, contact Life-Like Cosmetic Solutions at (800) 543-3545 or visit

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Non fiber-optic handpiece
The new Alpha-Aire SW handpiece is a non fiber-optic handpiece designed to provide quiet and vibration-free performance through the 300,000+ rpm power range. The handpiece contains a dependable "open-style" turbine which generates exceptionally high torque for a compact head size. Other standard features such as 360-degree swivel, push-button bur changing, single port water spray, and sterilization-resistant bearings make the Alpha-Aire SW handpiece an excellent value.

For additional information, circle the reader service number below.

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Adult Fluoride Literature Portfolio
Oral-B Laboratories is offering a comprehensive portfolio titled: "Caries has no age limit." The literature contained in the portfolio helps dental professionals communicate with "at-risk" adult patients concerning the need for topical fluoride therapy.

The centerpiece of the portfolio is a special supplement reprint featuring articles by Dr. John Featherstone, Dr. Frank Carberry, and Amy Hazlewood, RDH. These articles provide CE credit and help dental professionals better understand various risk factors contributing to cariogenic challenges for adult patients. A Fluoride Needs Assessment form includes a patient questionnaire that helps the clinician do quick "detective work" by identifying common risk factors.

For information on other literature included in the portfolio and to obtain a copy, call Oral-B at (800) 446-7252 and request the "Caries has no age limit" portfolio.

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NaviTip™ w/Skini Syringe
Ultradent Products, Inc. introduces the NaviTip™ for use in endodontic treatments.

The NaviTip™ is an effective endodontic tip for delivering materials closely to the apex. NaviTip™ features a 30-gauge cannula tip designed to navigate curved canals to near the apex. The NaviTip's hub and shank give needed strength for canal insertion, while the flexible rounded end effectively negotiates curve canals.

For additional information, call (800) 552-5512 or visit

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ScaleBlaster eliminates formation of limescale deposits
ScaleBlaster is a revolutionary product that eliminates formation of limescale deposits in water pipes, faucets, cooling towers, boilers, dental equipment, and more without the need of water softening equipment, salts, chemicals, or maintenance.

The integrated circuitry system produces a unique and complex modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties. Existing scale is removed and never forms again. The product is noninvasive and adds nothing to the water. Several models are available and sizing is based on water hardness and pipe size.

For more information, contact ClearWater Enviro Technologies, Inc. at (800) 756-7946.

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Keller Labs introduces Solopontic™
Keller Laboratories introduces the Solopontic™, a new, single-tooth replacement option. The Solopontic™ is a conservative and economical solution for patients and practices. It is an acrylic pontic with a stainless-steel framework.

The Solopontic™ is available as an anterior or posterior restoration and requires no tooth preparation until the seating appointment.

Indications for a Solopontic™ include: young patients needing conservative, nonaggressive treatment, patients with limited financial resources for traditional fixed or implant treatment; or a fixed transitional solution for periodontic, orthodontic, or implant patients.

For more information, call (866) 535-5371 or visit

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They're not just toothpicks ...they're BrushPicks®
BrushPicks® are flexible plastic devices, with several important features. One end is a narrow, three-sided blade that slips comfortably in the gaps between teeth. Its grooved edging helps dislodge particles, remove plaque, and massage gums. The other end is a narrow probe with six-sided bristles. moving the probe in and out, or twirling it in the space between teeth assures that no particles will be left behind to ruin one's smile or breath. The flexible 2½-inch BrushPick® can go where no traditional toothpick has ever gone before, and do it without damaging dental work.

BrushPicks® are available in 300-unit professional dispensers as well as singles and tubes of 20 or 60.

For more details or to place an order, call Dental Concepts at (201) 576-9700 or visit

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Proflex NFC Economy Bulk Kit
Dental Resources has added a larger-sized package to its line of Proflex NFC semi-flexible materials. These materials work great for repairing Proflex appliances, adding semi-flexible clasps, making flexible splints, and making semi-flexible partials and dentures. The new size is five times bigger than the original kit and comes with 960 grams of powder and 240 grams of liquid.

For more information, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

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Profits to be donated
SmartPractice President and CEO, Curt Hamann, MD, has pledged that all profits from sales of three patriotic postcards will be donated to the American Red Cross to aid in the relief effort.

As a show of support for our nation and the families and victims of the attack on Sept. 11, these three cards prominently feature images of the American flag. They are available for purchase including any message — recall or personal message of comfort — for dental offices to send to patients. Cards will be shipped within 24 hours of order receipt.

For samples or details, call SmartPractice at (800) 522-0800.

Advanced Endodontic Organizer
The Advanced Endodontic Organizer, which provides ergonomic access to endodontic instruments and operates all instruments from one foot control, now also allows the integration of a CPU monitor and keyboard. The CPU can be stored neatly within the cart and the monitor can be mounted to an adjustable arm on the cart. Ideal for endondontists and general practitioners who supplement their practices with endodontics, the mobile cart rolls easily from operatory to operatory to supplement standard handpiece delivery systems. Integrated instruments can include an electric motor, obturation unit, apex finder, heat sources, and more. System requires only an electrical outlet for operation.

For more information, contact ASI Medical, Inc. at (800) 566-9953.

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S.I.R.™ System
Vista Dental Products recently introduced the S.I.R.™ System (Separated Instrument Retrieval System). The S.I.R.™ System was designed for the removal of separated instruments, gutta percha carriers, and silver points from root-canal systems.

The Munce technique is a very simple and effective method for the removal of metallic obstructions from root-canal systems by way of a powerful metal-to-metal bond between bendable dead-soft Appli-Vac™ tips and metallic obstructions.

For more information, contact Vista Dental at (877) 418-4782 or visit www.

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Panoramic/Cephalometric X-ray Systems brochure
A new brochure on the Panoramic PC-1000 and PC-1000/Laser Pan/Ceph X-ray systems has been released by Panoramic Corporation.

The brochure features a discussion of the clinical, financial, and procedural benefits of panoramic imaging. Each Panoramic Corporation system is then shown with significant features and benefits. A chart comparing the specifications and features of major brands on the market is presented also for review.

For a copy of the brochure, call Panoramic at (800) 654-2027 and ask for the Pan Brochure.

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CygnaScope Micro Intraoral Camera
Cygnus Technologies, a leading manufacturer of intraoral cameras and digital X-ray systems, has added new features to its CygnaScope Micro Intraoral Camera, further enhancing its ease of use, value, and level of technology.

The camera contains many clever features unseen on competing products. It is among the smallest and lightest intraoral cameras — weighing just 26 oz. and easily held in the palm of the hand.

New features include a revised intraoral handpiece that is slimmer, sleeker, and more ergonomic; an integrated handpiece holder for simple storage of the handpiece when not in use; a magnetic on/off switch that automatically operates the camera; and a handpiece capture button that conveniently connects to computer software.

Full product line details are available at or by calling (800) 626-2664, Ext. 227.

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PolyShoK™ mouthguard material
PolyShoK™ is a high-impact polymer that provides more shock absorption than any comparable mouthguard material in use today. PolyShoK™ has 285 percent more energy absorbency than ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) and 182 percent than laminated material (ASTM D3763). Other features include: can be multi-laminated with vacuum pressure; no change in technique is required, compared to current methods; and it's softer and more comfortable to wear in the mouth.

PolyShoK™ is currently available in 5" x 5" sheets in six colors: blue, red, green, yellow, black, and white.

For more information, contact Sportsguard Laboratories, Inc. at (800) 401-1776 or visit

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Core-Post: strong but natural
Den-Mat Corporation has developed new, revolutionary Core-Post for the strongest, yet most naturally flexible restorations available today. Core-Post exhibits a modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, allowing the post to flex with teeth under normal conditions.

When used in conjunction with Den-Mat's Tenure® Multi-Purpose Bonding System and Core Paste® core build-up composite, Core-Post can create a predictable post-and-core restoration in minutes. The cylindrical shape of the post is designed to provide uniform distribution of stress and absence of periodontal trauma.

Core-Post is available in glass or carbon-fiber posts. It is sold in a value kit (50 posts) and in single vial kits (10 posts) of one size per kit.

For more information, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 445-0325.

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Pastel Rock™
New (Type V) Crown & Bridge Stone offering optimal expansion with a chip-resistant finish. KerrLab's technology creates our highest-strength stone for metal, metal-free, CAD-CAM, composite restorations and pressable ceramics. Nonbrittle, this 15,000-psi, high-compression stone resists chipping and slumping during the stacking process.

The new colors (yellow and gray) prevent "stone shine through" with excellent wax and composite contrasts. It is great for diagnostic wax-ups and composite restorations.

For more information, contact KerrLab at (888) 766-7650 or visit

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Vipi Facings
Justi, the inventors of Hardened Plastic Teeth, introduce Vipi Facings. These facings are the newest innovation in dentistry. They provide the dentist or laboratory with an exceptional esthetic result and provide viable alternatives to many different dental techniques.

Truly a diverse, multi-purpose product, Vipi Facings are designed to allow a broad range of techniques, from self-curing/quick-cure resins to heat-cure techniques or light-cure stain effects. They are available in five popular molds and three easily modifiable shades.

The diversity of use allows for a very easy, fast, and high-quality result. Vipi Facings are an excellent alternative for provisional situations and transitional cases. Their use is limited only by the resourcefulness and creativity of the dentist or technician.

For additional information, contact American Tooth Industries at (805) 487-9868 or via email at [email protected].

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SIGNET System E-Package
KaVo America introduces the SIGNET System E-Package for electric motors. This new package offers an innovative way to fuse high-end handpiece technology with an electric motor and the dental unit in one convenient, affordable system.

The SIGNET E-Package comes with an extended, two-year warranty, personalization by laser etching the dental professional's initials on each instrument, as well as special pricing.

This system features KaVo's INTRAmatic LH attachments for a wide range of high- and low-speed procedures. The high performance of the attachments, together with an electric motor, will deliver constant, "no stall" speed that is whisper quiet and vibration free. The handpiece system will also produce cleaner margins with less trauma in less time.

For additional information, contact your local dealer or KaVo America Corporation at (888) 528-6872 or fax (847) 550-6825.

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Conair introduces four power toothbrushes
To complement Interplak's clinically proven personal model, Interplak by Conair Corporation has introduced four new power toothbrushes to meet the needs of every patient eager to make the transition from manual to power toothbrushes. The new toothbrushes, available to the professional market for $4 - $15, utilize Interplak technology while maintaining distinctive qualities.

The four models include the Opti-Clean, the I-Brush, the ezbrush, and My Brush.

For additional information, call Conair Corporation at (800) 633-6363.

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