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Pearls for Your Practice: G2-BOND Universal by GC America

Jan. 18, 2022
Learn why Dr. Joshua Austin says going back to a two-bottle system for bonding can be the right choice for ensuring great bonding results.

Have you ever misplaced your phone and been perplexed as to where you left it? It happens to me all the time. Sometimes it’s in my closet. Sometimes it’s in my jacket pocket. Other times, my car. The best way for me to find it is usually to retrace my steps. If all else fails, go back to what has worked before.

The same can be said for restorative dentistry. One-bottle universal bond systems have been commonplace in dentistry for more than eight years. While by and large they have been good for dentistry, some dentists struggle to make them work in their hands. Debonds, sensitivity, and staining can be common problems with these universal one-bottle systems. My advice for dentists experiencing these issues is always simple: retrace your steps. For bonding, that should be going back to a two-bottle system. G2-BOND Universal by GC America is a great choice for a two-bottle system for any dentist who wants to ensure great bonding results and also the modern benefits of a universal adhesive.

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G2-BOND Universal gives us some elements of those classic gold standard fourth generation bonding agents alongside some elements of the new universal bonding agents. The traditional aspect is easy to see: two bottles. This two-bottle system consists of a primer and an adhesive in separate bottles. This may seem like a step backward, but remember, there’s a chemical reason for this. The primer is hydrophilic and the adhesive is hydrophobic. Taking the time to separate these out and apply them separately makes for a stronger, more durable bond. GC America calls this “H Technology,” which is designed to strengthen the adhesive layer and significantly reduce the potential for water degradation over time.

The more modern aspect of G2-BOND Universal is the flexibility of etching technique. Like most universal bonds, you can self-etch by relying on the self-etch monomers in the G2-BOND Universal. You can also use phosphoric acid to etch in either a total etch technique or a selective etch technique (just the enamel). This is a great modern feature to pair with the classic two-bottle system. MDP, 4-MET, and MDTP monomers have been added to make this bonding agent universally compatible with everything from dentin and enamel to zirconia, alumina, and metals. In addition, G2-BOND Universal is HEMA free to ensure great bond durability.

Data shows great bond strengths with G2-BOND Universal, as well as outstanding marginal quality and low microleakage. G2-BOND Universal is a great choice as a modern adhesive with a focus on classic bonding principles. Double to the left center field gap for GC America!