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March 1, 2011
Biodentine™ from Septodont – This is an all-in-one dentin replacement material that is bioactive and biocompatible.

by Joe Blaes, DDS

Biodentine™ from Septodont – This is an all-in-one dentin replacement material that is bioactive and biocompatible, and can be used in the crown and root wherever dentin is damaged. Make no mistake, this is a

Biodentine™ from Septodont

new product that has been thoroughly researched before it was introduced. Years of active and collaborative research between Septodont and several universities led to a new calcium silicate water-based formulation that is suitable as a dentin replacement material whenever original dentin is damaged. In addition to this chemical composition, Septodont increased the physio-chemical properties, including short setting time and high mechanical strength. This makes Biodentine clinically easy to handle and compatible, not only with classical endodontic procedures, but also for restorative clinical cases of dentin replacement. The material's sealing ability also was assessed to be equivalent to glass ionomers without requiring any specific conditioning of the dentin surface. Leakage resistance and mechanical strength will improve during the first weeks after placement. This class of calcium silicate cements is excellent for repairing a perforation of the root during a root canal procedure. Usually the perforation of the floor of the pulp chamber results in extraction of the tooth. The use of Biodentine will seal the perforation to ensure long retention of the tooth. The cement is great for resorptions, apexification, and root end filling. Using strict university research protocols, Biodentine achieved 100% success in direct pulp capping following carious pulp exposure or following dental trauma/injury to a healthy pulp. It also can be used for pulpotomy in primary molars. In restoration of deep or large carious lesions, it is suitable as a permanent dentin substitute, and it provides a tight seal with no postoperative sensitivity and ensures the longevity of restorations in vital teeth. Biodentine is a much-needed addition to your endodontic and restorative materials. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.A New System of Continuous Care from DENTSPLY International and GlaxoSmithKline – DENTSPLY's NUPRO brand and GSK's Sensodyne brand have come together to create an effective system designed for the

A New System of Continuous Care from DENTSPLY International and GlaxoSmithKline

continuous care of tooth sensitivity – from the dental office to everyday use at home. This collaboration is based on NovaMin's unique, patented calcium phosphate technology, which was originally invented to treat damaged bones. It has been adapted for use in dental care, being clinically proven to relieve dentin hypersensitivity. In late 2009, GSK acquired NTI, the inventors of NovaMin®, to offer a new standard of care for professionals in the treatment and management of dentin hypersensitivity. Combining NUPRO and the therapeutic benefits of NovaMin® with Sensodyne's choice of consumer products has resulted in a new system of continuous care from chairside in the dental office to a patient's home, offering relief from the pain of sensitive teeth. This new system of continuous care includes:

• A dental office NUPRO Sensodyne prophy paste (used when having your teeth cleaned) – the proven performance of NUPRO powered by NovaMin® provides immediate relief from tooth sensitivity.

• Sensodyne NUPRO Professional toothpaste – dental professionals can now dispense a toothpaste with NovaMin® for patients to take home and use every day. This toothpaste combines the benefit of high fluoride for enamel and dentin remineralization with the patented NovaMin® technology.

• Sensodyne – provides proven relief for sensitive teeth, with the widest choice of daily sensitivity toothpastes. Sensodyne has long been recommended by dental experts, and is preferred by consumers for the everyday management of tooth sensitivity.

Visit or to learn more.

Moxie™ TE and Moxie™ SE light-curable adhesives from Discus Dental – These adhesives have an acetone-free and solvent-free formula that delivers tested and verified bond strength between composite and

Moxie™ TE and Moxie™ SE light-curable adhesives from Discus Dental

enamel or dentin. Moxie™ TE-Total-Etch Light-Cure Adhesive is a fifth-generation, one-component, light-cure, total-etch adhesive. This third-party tested, clinically proven adhesive stacks up against the competition. Its strong, 24 MPa+ bond to enamel and dentin provides the adhesion that you need. Moxie™ TE's simple, single-coat application, along with unit-dose availability, gives the best chemistry to ensure low technique sensitivity. Top off its consistent performance with a signature acetone-free and solvent-free formula, which prevents overdrying of dentin, and you have an adhesive that you will want to stick with for years to come. Moxie™ TE is intended for use with a phosphoric-based, acid-based etching gel for direct and indirect composite bonding. It can be used for porcelain, ceramic, and composite repairs. Moxie™ SE-Self-Etch Light-Cure Adhesive is a sixth-generation, self-etch, light-cure adhesive. This clinically proven adhesive stacks up against the competition. Its strong, 22 MPa+ bond to enamel and dentin provides the adhesion that patients and dentists need. Moxie™ SE's simple, single-coat application, along with unit-dose availability for the best chemistry, ensure low technique sensitivity. Top off its consistent performance with a signature acetone-free and solvent-free formula, which prevents over-drying of dentin, and you have a great adhesive that can be used wherever an adhesive is needed. Moxie™ SE and TE are particularly indicated for the new Discus Nuance composite. For more information or to order, visit

X-Smart® Easy Endo Motor from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties

X-Smart® Easy Endo Motor from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties – This is a cordless, lightweight, simple-to-use, endodontic motor that features a comfortable and well-balanced handpiece with rubberized grip and quiet operation. The slim, 16:1 contra-angle head is six-position adjustable to allow for an improved field of vision and better access. The lithium-ion battery can quick-charge in 90 minutes to provide one hour of continuous operation on one charge. It is capable of 100 to 800 rpm (with supplied 16:1 contra-angle) torque settings from 0.6 to 4 Ncm with auto reverse. X-Smart Easy powers off after three minutes of no use. I can tell you from experience that the cordless model is a lot of fun to operate, and is a great stress reducer. Visit or call (800) 662-1202 to order or for more information.

Grandio®SO from VOCO – This product is described as the ultimate handling and performance composite experience. I agree! Seven years in the making, Grandio®SO is a universal nanohybid composite that was created to offer not only excellent esthetics and smooth, nonsticky handling characteristics, but also to mirror the natural properties of the tooth. This includes surface hardness, strength, elasticity, wear, stability, and thermal behavior. This new composite has a combination of great handling, esthetics, and ideal physical characteristics that make it the most toothlike composite ever developed. Grandio®SO has a low rate of shrinkage of 1.6%, reached through innovative nanotechnology. In composite materials, polymerization shrinkage occurs in the resin matrix. Therefore, the greater the percentage of filler in the composite, the more it reduces shrinkage. Most universal

Grandio® SO from VOCO

restoratives can only achieve in the range of 77% to 80% filler particles. Grandio®SO uses a silicon dioxide designer nanofiller and then mixes those nano particles with traditional glass ceramic filler particles. The traditional fillers form a hard network and the nano particles fill the spaces between them. This enables it to achieve a higher filler rate of 89%. Surface hardness also plays an important role in restoration durability. Grandio®SO has a surface hardness that comes closest to the hardness of natural tooth enamel, making it harder than most composite materials. Yet, despite its exceptionally high surface hardness, it still polishes well and produces long-lasting, high gloss restorations. Grandio®SO comes in 16 non-light sensitive shades. But I have found in many cases, even in the anterior region, only one shade is required to produce the best esthetic result. This saves time and money. Three specials have been added to the standard VITA range: VCA5 for the growing geriatric patient needs, VCA3.25 to close the large shade gap between A3 and A3.5, and Bleach for pediatric and bleached patients. Grandio®SO combines exceptionally long workability under ambient light with short light-curing times. Visit or call (888) 658-2584 to order or for more information.Pearl Update: SureFil® SDR® flow from DENTSPLY Caulk – Are you tired of having to incrementally place composites in the posterior? With this innovative new material, you can bulk fill with a flowable base that will

Pearl Update: SureFil® SDR® flow from DENTSPLY Caulk

allow you to place a posterior composite in up to 40% less time. The new stress decreasing resin (SDR™) system allows for bulk placements up to 4 mm with a 20-second cure time for the universal shade and 40 seconds for shades A1, A2, and A3. Incremental layering is a thing of the past with this new material. It also has a unique self-leveling feature that allows it to adapt to the walls of the prep with minimum to no manipulation. The material offers maximum flexibility by allowing the clinician to cap the restorative with any methacrylate-based universal composite to provide the desired esthetics, wear resistance, and strength needed on occlusal surfaces. SureFil® SDR® flow is now available in three new shades: A1, A2, and A3. Order from your dealer, or better yet, have your dealer representative arrange a hands-on lunch-and-learn session for you and your team with your DENTSPLY Caulk representative to see and use SureFil® SDR® flow. For more information, visit or call (800) 532-2855.
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