The real secret to comprehensive case acceptance

Feb. 1, 2011
James Cagney is considered by many to be the finest American actor. When asked his secret to success, he replied simply, "Look the other guy in the eye and tell the truth."

Nate Booth, DDS

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James Cagney is considered by many to be the finest American actor. When asked his secret to success, he replied simply, "Look the other guy in the eye and tell the truth."

Helping patients accept comprehensive dentistry is no different. Look them in the eye and tell the truth.

So what is "the truth" when it comes to the care you recommend? I believe the truth is the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Sometimes it's easy to filter our recommendations by what we think our patients will accept. Or we have the tendency to diagnose people's pocketbooks by assuming their financial situation won't allow them to say "Yes" to comprehensive dentistry.

But consider this fact. More millionaires in North America drive Ford F150 pickups than any other vehicle. So the next time someone pulls up in front of your office in a dusty old F150, immediately think millionaire! The point is, you never know.

In addition, you must be able to deliver (or refer to someone who can deliver) the very best. This means you need the training and equipment to deliver the best.

Not everyone wants or can fit the best into their budgets. So in most cases give people options in the preventive, periodontal, restorative, replacement, and cosmetic dentistry you provide. Then accept their decisions as the best choices for them.

Every day in the office your entire team is on stage. Be like James Cagney. Look your patients in the eye and tell the truth. They will hear your message loud and clear. They will feel your caring and sincerity. That experience will move them to act in ways that improve their health and happiness. And we all love a happy ending to any movie.

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